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LG DeviceOn

Key features

LG CNS' DeviceON solution supports the construction of secure mobile terminal security, based on years of experience and learnings accumulated through LG Group and global customers. We propose a step-by-step guide to help achieve the optimal solution for your environment.
  1. Easy application of smart device security
  2. Various device control and information leakage prevention
  3. Flexible policy control based on location
  4. Automated policy application and release
  5. Various bypass/avoidance prevention technologies
  6. Helps prevent data leakage by employees and visitors
  7. Interworking with various IoT devices (beacon, NFC, unmanned kiosk)


LG CNS' DeviceON provides enhanced security for various smart devices to help prevent data leakage inside the company, and enables easy registration, use, management, and privacy protection.

Highly accurate and powerful smart device control

·         Automatic policy based on user location

·         Help block data leakage caused by photos, video, audio recording, and tethering

·         Lock if stolen or lost

·         Mandatory apps, prohibited app management


Terminal security guarantee of smart devices

·         MDM function bypass and avoidance

·         APP forgery/falsification, termination prevention

·         Device security management including password policy


Automated smart device management

·         Device registration, information management

·         Policy distribution and control/monitoring

·         Group/individual policy management

·         Device termination, registration information deletion


Highly safe and convenient management structure

·         Policy compliance monitoring

·         Flexible policy application by business site/group/user

·         Centralized management automation


WEB/AP/DB server supports redundant configuration

·         Open source such as Apache, Tomcat, MySQL as well as commercial SW can be used

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