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Key features

  • Battery life extension and protection by modulating charging, thus ensuring that battery levels avoid damaging trickle charging situations when devices are charged continuously (24/7). This technology virtually eliminates battery bloat which can lead to catastrophic battery and device failure.
  • Screen Brightness managed based on time of day to reduce excess heat generation. Heat reduces the longevity of rechargeable batteries and all electronics components.
  • The Network Recovery feature compensates for Android networking issues to ensure a reliable wired Ethernet connection can be maintained. The security of a wired network connection is important in many environments where WiFi interference or security is a concern.
  • A variety of safety, protection and security mechanisms unique to LAVA ensure the device protection is always working for installations which require 24/7 protection.


LAVA’s RBM (Recovery & Battery Modulation) Technology extends battery life (BM) while ensuring smooth, uninterrupted network connectivity (R). Battery Modulation extends tablet battery life by avoiding the damaging effects of charging for extended periods at 100% charge levels. The combined features of RBM are critical for installations which need to be powered 24/7.

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