Partner solution

JiranSecurity MobileKeeper

Key features

  • MDM (Mobile Device Management): Mobile device management and statistics
  • MAM (Mobile Application Management): App distribution, management and Security
  • MDAC (Mobile Device Access Control): Restricting device access to secure areas of the company
  • MDAC for Visitors : Mobile device access control for guests without system setup


MobileKeeper is an EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solution that manages mobile devices within a company and provides remote locks and data deletion services in case mobile devices are lost/stolen to help prevent information leakage.

In addition, MobileKeeper helps protect company and personal information through Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Application Security (MAS), functions designed for the secure work environment. MobileKeeper also automatically blocks and regulates diverse smartphone functions upon entrance into security areas to prevent internal information leakage from smart devices (camera, recording, etc.). JiranSecurity’s MobileKeeper is one of the best solutions for preventing information leaks from mobile devices.

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