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ISL Online

Support and control Samsung devices remotely, work from anywhere

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ISL Online is a secure and reliable remote desktop application that allows you to support your customers or access unattended computers. It enables full remote control of any Samsung mobile device.

Helpdesk departments use the application to troubleshoot users' problems with their devices. Additionally, to view the remote device screen, the Samsung remote device can also be controlled by the helpdesk operator. Clients that require on-site help can share images captured by the mobile device's camera with the operator. Remote workers can use ISL Online to connect from their mobile device to another mobile device or computer so they can view its screen and control it remotely.

ISL Online can be used as SaaS, or alternatively in a Private Cloud environment in order to fulfill special security or adaptation requirements of enterprises. The programs can be white-labeled to show the company name, and to match the company's branding in order to increase the adoption rate and trust amongst users.

Key features

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Troubleshoot and resolve issues at a customer's site

View and control a Samsung device from a computer or another mobile device

View and control a remote computer from a Samsung device

Talk and chat with the remote user

Work remotely, connect from the mobile device to any PC

Samsung differentiators

In addition to displaying the smartphone contents to the remote operator, you can allow remote control of the device for complete helpdesk functionality

Remotely control apps with your S-Pen. ISL Online enables a full remote desktop experience, allowing you to control the remote device by your preferred input method

Samsung DeX - the Desktop eXperience screen is transferred to the remote operator and can be seen and controlled remotely

Foldables & Large screen support - ISL Online captures and presents the full layout to the remote operator

Show the images captured by the smartphone camera to the remote operator and enable remote visual support