Partner solution

IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson

Key features

  • Quick set up, low and no-touch deployments to speed productivity and compliance
  • Open platform with enterprise integrations to maximize security investments
  • Mobile threat defense and application security
  • Real-time, contextual AI insights to proactively identify issues
  • Native integration with SSO and TeamViewer self-service and remote control


IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson is a unified endpoint management (UEM) SaaS platform that is designed to help IT operations teams get users and their devices enrolled and productive so they can do their jobs without sacrificing privacy and security.

With the power of insights and analytics from Watson, organizations can reduce mobile security risks, increase employee productivity, boost the efficiency of operations and make more informed mobility decisions.

MaaS360 is built for modern management to accommodate the personal and corporate requirements for BYOD and remote work programs that need to leverage the technology available to employees, partners and students—whether they are smartphones, Windows or Mac PCs, wearables, or single use devices like locked down tablets and kiosks. With MaaS360, you benefit from a single console for device setup, policy controls, data management and remote actions.

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