Partner solution

Hunesion MoBiCa

Key features

Restriction of device functions

  • Camera, screen shot
  • Bluetooth, tethering, Wi-Fi
  • External memory, NFC, GPS

Measures for stolen or lost devices

  • Management of device passwords
  • Application of remote policy for lost devices Device policy management
  • Registration and management of policy groups
  • Policy settings for each user and group

App management

  • Installation and management of work-related apps
  • Policy settings to allow/restrict functions for each app


MoBiCa is an enterprise mobile device management solution (MDM) that helps to prevent data leaks through mobile devices using its functions for mobile device management and App management. It provides secure and convenient mobile office environment by helping to ensure protection of internal data and company assets. It interconnects with the physical access control system, sets restricted areas for each user and helps to ensure effective restriction of smartphone functions.

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