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Hexnode UEM

Hexnode UEM is a cross-platform enterprise device management solution designed to assist IT admins in securely managing and monitoring work-deployed endpoints through a central digital workspace without compromising end-user experience.

Solution info
Solution category: UEM/MDM
Supported device types: Smartphone, Tablet
Sales region: Global

Solution overview

Hexnode UEM is the standard in unified mobile, desktop, and workplace IoT management. It is a mission-critical solution built to deliver seamless remote administration on devices deployed for work. Hexnode is fully compatible in delivering the UEM essentials with powerful mobile and desktop management capabilities. With the comprehensive set of device, app, user, security, network and content management profiles, Hexnode successfully caters to every need of organizations across verticals. In addition, Hexnode is a key player in the mobile kiosk management niche. With advanced kiosk management and digital signage features for almost all platforms, Hexnode UEM leads the pack in regards to managing dedicated devices. Hexnode never compromises on security, and therefore, the UEM’s infrastructure is foolproofed to eliminate potential vulnerabilities and weak points.

Hexnode makes it easier for organizations to deploy mobile endpoints, manage assets, keep the workforce in check and deliver vital resources without fail. The multi-OS platform support, flexible policies, user, assets, and identity management features further aid the UEM in delivering quality services to the businesses. Hexnode’s user-friendly management portal makes deploying administrative profiles a cakewalk for IT. Hexnode is also successful in composing a worry-free environment for IT by ensuring the compliance and security posture of the IT assets in the corporate framework at all times. Organizations of all shapes and sizes in over 100 countries are leveraging Hexnode’s prowess in mobilizing their enterprise fleet with just a click of a button.

Key features

  • A centralized instance on the cloud through which endpoints of any make, model and OS can be managed and monitored.
  • Quick device onboarding and configuration mechanisms to reduce business downtime, scale productivity and to keep employee productivity in check.
  • Create a consistent business experience across all devices with a rich set of features coupled with best-in-class security and compliance standards.
  • Robust device monitoring and control feature to assist IT admins in remote troubleshooting.
  • Support several enterprise-grade device management models such as BYOD, COPE, and more, for effective segregation of work and personal spaces.

Samsung differentiators

  • Simple no-touch bulk device provisioning with Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment.
  • Comprehensive device management with Knox SDK integrations.
  • Advanced features and enhancements with Samsung Knox Platform for Enterprise.
  • Zero-day support for new Knox Platform features with Samsung Knox Service Plugin.
  • DeX optimization for Samsung Knox devices with OEMConfig.

Knox Platform for Enterprise

Knox Mobile Enrollment

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