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Technician-first field service management solution

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Solution category: Collaboration/productivity
Supported device types: Smartphone, Tablet, Wearable
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Frontu is a field service management software provider focusing on frontline field service workers. We deliver a digital solution for companies in heavy equipment, vending, facility management, utility, security, and HVAC industries. We offer versatile functionality and tailored add-ons to bring the next level of field service management experience. Our goal is to serve companies and their frontline workers, to give them more autonomy and advanced tools to make their work smoother.

Key features

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  • Digital & remote signing options
  • Integrate Frontu with your favorite tools like Zapier, Power BI, Jira & more
  • Manage your team in real-time
  • Add customized questionnaires & surveys after each task is completed
  • Integration with a warehouse & never run out of materials and equipment

Samsung differentiators

Frontu powered by Samsung Knox enhances our customers’ task management procedures by saving time and allowing them to solve interferences and continue with a task instantly.

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