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Citrix Endpoint Management

Key features

  • Ability to Implement zero trust security with one solution. Help protect your users, apps, and data with end-to-end contextual access.
  • Ability to create a workspace experience that's simple, secure and easy to manage for any endpoint.
  • Ability to modernize your IT security with the visibility and control you need to support people, not processes.
  • Implement a successful bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program. Let employees use personal devices with better security.
  • Turn any device into a powerful business tool to help build your ideal set of productivity apps with advanced mobile security.


User Experience & Performance vs. Security & Insight are typically opposing forces. With Citrix you can do both; give users the experience they need and admins the security and insight they require with Citrix Endpoint Management. With support for every endpoint Citrix Endpoint Management helps drive mobile device productivity in minutes and focuses on enabling employees to work how, when and where they want with the power to manage every app, device, and platform in one central location.

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