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BlackBerry Cyber Suite

The BlackBerry Cyber Suite uses advanced AI-driven endpoint protection, detection and response to provide complete end point security, preventing breaches and safeguarding against sophisticated threats.

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Solution category: Mobile Threat Detection
Supported device types: Smartphone, Tablet
Sales region: Global
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Solution overview

BlackBerry® has leveraged a longstanding partnership with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. to deliver a secure end-to-end mobility platform trusted by enterprises around the world including 9 of the 10 global banks and all G7 Governments. This partnership with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is highlighted by BlackBerry’s recognition as an inaugural Platinum Partner, the highest tier in the new Samsung Knox Partner Program, and the recent certification of BlackBerry Spark UEM as a Knox Validated solution.

The Knox Validated Program is designed to certify the level of integration of critical Knox security and management capabilities helping customers can deploy with confidence. BlackBerry is extremely proud of these endorsements from Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. which showcase the depth of our partnership.

BlackBerry Spark and Cyber Suites are based on a Zero Trust architecture and designed to secure people, devices, networks and applications. Samsung’s Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) is a military-grade mobile solution for IT admins to manage and secure Samsung’s Android phones and tablets for business. BlackBerry Spark Suites, together with Samsung KPE, provide advanced endpoint management and unified security capabilities surpassing the requirements of the security conscience organizations while also delivering features to enhance user productivity.

With BlackBerry Spark and KPE, mobile users can take advantage of a comprehensive portfolio of Samsung devices suited for any role and BlackBerry applications optimized for Knox, while CIOs are assured their environment is scalable, reliable and protected from all types of threats.

BlackBerry’s unique portfolio of Samsung Knox compatible solutions include:
• BlackBerry Protect mobile threat defense uses the power of artificial intelligence to block malware infections, prevent URL phishing attacks and provide application integrity checking delivering zero day protection from malicious threats.
• BlackBerry Persona provides user and entity behavior analytics with machine learning and predictive AI to dynamically adapt a security policy based on user location, device and other factors enabling improved security through continuous authentication without impacting usability.
• BlackBerry Dynamics user applications configured for Samsung DeX enable a smartphone or tablet to pair with an external display to create a full desktop computing experience for remote working powered by either corporate managed or personal devices.
• BlackBerry SecuSUITE secure voice developed in collaboration with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. , and optimized for Knox, has created the Fort Knox of secure voice enabling mobile device based communications in classified environments.
• BlackBerry Connectivity provides a true IP network interface on Samsung devices* replacing costly and complex VPN infrastructure for secure, scalable end to end access to critical business data.
• BlackBerry Spark UEM Suite includes a native implementation of DualDAR (double data at rest) encryption for Samsung Knox complying with the strictest requirements for security of data at rest in classified environments including tactical military deployments.
• Samsung Knox E-FOTA for BlackBerry UEM allows IT staff to manage firmware versions on Samsung devices* to ensure the latest security patches are promptly deployed and version updates are thoroughly tested confirming compatibility with in-house apps thereby addressing risks associated deploying new software.
• Knox Service Plugin based on Android OEMConfig, and new in BlackBerry Spark UEM, delivers zero-day support for all new KPE features giving IT and end users immediate access to new platform capabilities.
Getting started with BlackBerry Spark and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has never been easier with Knox Platform for Enterprise licences included at no additional cost in the BlackBerry Spark UEM Suite, BlackBerry Cyber Suite and the new FedRAMP certified BlackBerry Mobility Government Suite.

Key features

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The BlackBerry® Cyber Suite uses advanced AI-driven endpoint protection, detection and response to provide complete end point security, preventing breaches and safeguarding against sophisticated threats.
• Protects mobile endpoints against malware and phishing attacks
• Scans mobile applications for existing malware
• Provides complete endpoint protection for all Knox devices and deployment modes
• Integrated directly into BlackBerry Dynamics and managed by BlackBerry Spark UEM

Samsung differentiators

The BlackBerry® Cyber Suite provides a Zero Trust solution with coverage for all Samsung devices, ownership models, network, apps and people.
BlackBerry® Protect, included in BlackBerry® Cyber Suite, is a mobile threat defence solution that uses the power of AI to block malware infections, prevent URL phishing attacks and provide application integrity checking. It combines the mobile endpoint management capabilities of BlackBerry Spark UEM with Cylance AI driven threat protection to get in front of malicious cyberattacks in a Zero Trust environment. BlackBerry Cyber;
• Provides a path from Zero Trust architecture to Zero Touch experience powered by true algorithmic AI
• Works across all endpoint types for complete coverage and better insight into trusted behavior
• Provides continuous monitoring and threat detection to ensure data and AI integrity
• Provides contextual and continuous authentication that spans devices, networks, apps, and people
• Builds on an open platform to enable seamless integration with existing solutions.
In comparison traditional signature-based AV requires layer upon layer of infrastructure to provide only moderate protection. This means that those who employ legacy AV spend thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on managing protection against malware that fails as often as it succeeds.

BlackBerry Cyber further distinguishes itself from other solutions by relying on artificial intelligence as its conviction methodology, thus ensuring the highest efficacy and lowest overhead in the cyber security industry, providing business continuity at the intersection of Zero Trust and Zero Touch.


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