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BlackBerry Critical Event Management (CEM)

Respond smarter, faster and better with BlackBerry AtHoc and BlackBerry Alert.

Solution info
Solution category: Collaboration/productivity
Supported device types: Smartphone, Tablet
Sales region: Global


  • Emergencies and business disruptions happen. It’s how you prepare for and respond to them that determines their impact. BlackBerry critical event management solutions combine a secure emergency notification system with incident response tools and capabilities - so you can quickly deploy your response teams and enable them to better prepare for, respond to and recover from critical events faster.
  • BlackBerry® CEM helps organizations improve decision-making and reduce response time with a comprehensive, unified platform that empowers them to manage the entire life cycle of any critical event with speed and confidence. Blackberry CEM integrates our cutting-edge technology with your legacy systems, preserving existing investment and, most importantly, ensuring seamless crisis response from all hardware devices, national communication networks, sensors and wearable devices. And integrations with Microsoft Teams or ServiceNow allow your messages to reach everyone where they work, while integrations like Workday® and Active Directory® keep your data, including everyone’s contact details, up to date.
  • Serving the largest global enterprises and 75% of the US Federal government for more than 20 years, BlackBerry CEM solutions meet the most stringent requirements for security, availability, privacy and as well as enterprise interconnectivity and scalability Blackberry offers two market specific CEM platforms
    • BlackBerry AtHoc, for government and regulated industries, helps notify and protect the general public and government agency employees.
    • BlackBerry Alert, for commercial enterprises, helps keep your business running and your people safe.

Key features

  • Mass and Targeted Alerting – Notify anyone, anywhere, and keep safety information flowing during natural disasters, weather events, civil unrest, critical equipment failure or criminal activity.

  • Personnel Accountability – BlackBerry CEM allows you to quickly and easily account for personnel, with real-time visibility into their safety and status.

  • Critical Information Collection – To ensure you’re getting up-to-the-minute information, you can access geo-tagged rich media, real-time location tracking and field reporting from the front line.

  • Connect with your External Ecosystem – Share information to securely communicate and collaborate with other organizations that are involved in a critical event.

  • Situation Response – Take a centralized approach that lets you properly plan, manage, and remediate after an incident.

Samsung differentiators

  • BlackBerry Alert and BlackBerry AtHoc have integrated unique Samsung programmable hardware key capabilities to provide direct access to application features to enhance frontline worker safety.
  • BlackBerry Alert and BlackBerry AtHoc leverage Samsung Knox capabilities to allow IT managers to configure mobile applications setting and features via any enterprise mobility management service.
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