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Asavie SD Mobile

Key features

  • Multi-operator Availability: Deliver a consistent internet experience and policy enforcement regardless of the operator network.

  • Network Security: Stop malware and malicious content at the network before it gets to your device and mobile applications.

  • Advanced Reporting & Analytics: Enable fast decision making and implement the best solution to protect your valuable mobile data and devices.

  • Content Filtering: Permit or deny access to 165 categories of websites covering over 1 billion domains.

  • Data Controls: Customize the internet experience of individuals and groups. Limit internet access speeds, set mobile data caps at individual or group level


Asavie SD Mobile is a network-based, enterprise mobility service that ensures a highly secure internet experience for all your devices, wherever they are.  Our vantage position in the network gives you visibility, security and control across the mobile fleet, including smartphones, tablets and cellular routers.

Key Advantages of Asavie SD Mobile

  • Visibility and control of all mobile data traffic across both cellular and Wi-Fi networks.
  • Scalable solution that integrates with all leading UEM products for multi-layer device protection. Tamper-proof solution that retains the service profile in the SIM even if this is removed from the device.
  • Minimal effort required to deploy to any kind of SIM-enabled device.

Our network-based, on-demand solution includes a unified management portal for mobile endpoints like smartphones, tablets and cellular routers. Monitor and protect devices, while making sure employees on the move have a safe internet experience.

  • No client needed on the mobile device
  • Tailored policy configuration for groups and individuals
  • Self-serve portal
  • Visibility of all mobile traffic
  • Consistent security and control across all devices
  • Network-level protection
  • Samsung Knox integration
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