Partner solution

AppTec360 EMM

Key features

  • Simple Management Interface

  • Available as Cloud and OnPremise Solution

  • Integrated Content Management Solution

  • Gateway/Filter for ActiveSync, VPN and HTTP

  • Integrated Remote Control Solution


AppTec is a leading software manufacturer in the field of Unified Endpoint Management and Mobile Security. More than 6,400 companies and organizations in 107 countries worldwide use the AppTec360 EMM platform to address the challenges companies face in managing applications, documents, configuration and security of mobile devices and desktops.

Smartphones, tablets and laptops, whether based on Android, iOS, macOS or Windows, are increasingly becoming the primary and personal communication and productivity platform for companies and their employees. However, this is creating new challenges in terms of manageability, cost and risk that traditional IT management strategies and solutions are not designed to address. AppTec meets exactly these challenges with its AppTec360 EMM Suite.

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