The foundation of a reliable device

If you have a Samsung phone, you’ve probably already got the Knox platform. Samsung manufactures and configures its devices in its own factories, and builds the Knox platform into both hardware and software of flagship devices. This makes Samsung phones, tablets, and wearables the most reliable on the market.

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Safeguards against threats at all times

Samsung's Knox Platform is fused into devices at both the hardware and software level, underneath the operating system. Turn on your phone, tablet or wearable, and Knox actively safeguards your personal and business information.


Even when your device is off, all your data is encrypted by default. The encryption key is stored in a secure area called TrustZone in the device chipset.

During boot-up, Knox platform checks for authorized (unrooted) firmware and checks for device software integrity.

At run-time, the kernel is continuously monitored and protected. If compromised, security-sensitive apps are locked.




A flexible device management experience

With the Knox platform, over 1,000 APIs are available for apps to leverage granular management and control features of Samsung devices. Samsung has used these APIs to create our IT solutions, and also offers them to developers to enhance their apps with the Knox platform.

Across Samsung devices

The Knox platform is currently embedded into most Samsung phones, tablets and wearables, and runs on both Android and Tizen operating systems. Knox platform features are active in your device from the moment you turn it on.

Knox solutions

The Knox platform is the backbone of Knox solutions. Knox solutions leverage the platform and allow device users to do so much more.

Use Samsung devices for work

IT solutions

Customize, deploy, and manage devices in your mobile ecosystem with our IT solutions.


Build better apps

Developer Tools

Create B2B apps for secure Samsung devices built on the Knox platform.


Secure private data

Personal apps

See how Samsung apps such as Samsung Pay and Secure Folder secure your data on the Knox platform.


Knox IT solutions are designed to work together to help you from deployment to daily use.

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