November 23, 2021

What’s new in Knox 3.8

Samsung Knox News

Samsung Knox SDK version 3.8 was released on November 15, 2021 for the Android 12 operating system. This release improves upon and introduces new features for customers as follows:

  • Advanced Access Control for device users who need security features over and above the standard features of Knox enterprise.
  • Peripheral SDK for Knox 3.8 provides the partners a new SDK to develop applications for peripheral devices such as barcode scanners. Currently, the SDK supports KOAMTAK USB scanner and BT scanner.
  • Deep Settings Customization enhancements fixed UI vulnerabilities such as Wi-Fi proxy, third-party menu content settings, sharing Wi-Fi profiles using QR codes, and gesture options.
  • Enhanced Attestation improvements allow Enhanced Attestation server to communicate directly with the device running Knox Works.
  • Knox SDK for ISVs, introduced with this Knox 3.8 release includes new APIs geared towards adding support for ISVs rather than for the traditional MDM vendors.
  • Advanced Separated Apps features include improved UX, use of biometric authentication, remote control by IT admin, and access control to network connections.
  • TIMA/CCM keystore is not supported from Knox 3.8.

Apart from these features, this release includes API enhancements and bug fixes along with Android 12 changes. 


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