August 19, 2020

What's new in the Knox Tizen Wearables v2.5.0?

Daljot Singh

The latest version of Knox Tizen Wearables v2.5.0 is now out. This version enhances your ability to better manage and troubleshoot wearable devices.


New features in Knox Tizen SDK for Wearables v2.5.0

The latest release of SDK comes with following enhancements:

  • Remote control —

    • View and capture the wearable device screen remotely from a web console.
    • Operate the device remotely by injecting key, pointer, and trackball events in device UI.
  • App auto restart — Restart 3rd-party app(s) automatically after device reboot, without end-user intervention, to provide seamless service.

Follow our developer guide for steps on how to register for and install the new SDK.


Existing features in Knox Tizen SDK for Wearables

For those new to Knox Tizen SDK, the list below summarizes all the great features already available in Knox Tizen SDK for Wearables:


Standard / MDM

  • Get serial number — Gather your serial numbers to provide cloud services for your users.

  • Screen lock management — Allow management of lock screen settings to enable better shared device experiences.

  • Runtime permissions control — Control dangerous permissions at runtime without user content.

  • App management — Install, update, and uninstall apps; start and stop apps; wipe app data; allowlist and blocklist apps that users can install from the Gear app store; disable preloaded apps; and get details about installed apps (version, CPU usage, data usage, memory usage, and so on).

  • Wearable device management — Get device info and available storage capacity; restrict incoming and outgoing calls and SMS; enable call logging, SMS captures, and stats; inject events like calls and get screen captures.

  • Security — Set up password requirements for unlocking devices; encrypt stored data; set up a firewall to allow or prohibit sources from accessing devices; and disable features like the microphone, screen captures, Internet sharing, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, tethering, USB usage, external storage, desktop syncs, and backups.

  • Certificate management — Install or remove certificates in Gear devices.

  • Notification policy management — Control the display of notifications by each package in WPC mode.

  • S/W updates — Control S/W updates by setting user permissions and restrictions.

  • Airplane mode — Toggle airplane mode on/off remotely on the Gear device.



  • Enhanced ProKiosk mode — More stable ProKiosk mode operation by having appropriate value returned for incorrect home entry; option to block the setting menu entry path.

  • Widget management — Customize the widget area and prevent the end user from changing it.

  • Create dump log — View your log file easily.

  • Get device overheat status — Respond to when your device overheats.

  • Always-on-display management — Turn AOD on/off to control battery consumption.

  • Automatic call answering — Allow the device to automatically answer calls.

  • Boot animation — Customize boot and/or shutdown animations.

  • Watch face — Change to a custom watch face while in WPC mode.

  • Home key mapping — Set an application to launch when home key is double pressed.

  • ProKiosk mode — Enable ProKiosk mode to restrict the wearable device to a single app and limit the functionality of the device.

  • Bluetooth — Toggle the Bluetooth state.

  • Moment bar — Show or hide the moment bar and notifications while in ProKiosk mode.

  • Connectivity — Control connectivity by enabling or disabling Wi-Fi, mobile data, and roaming.


Next steps …

To look at sample apps, tutorials, and API reference, please visit Knox Tizen SDK for Wearables page.