November 2, 2022

What's new in Knox 3.9

Samsung Knox News

Knox SDK 3.9 was released on October 31, 2022. This latest API level introduces exciting new features and improves upon existing ones for devices running Android 13.

Here are the changes at a glance:

  • Introduction of the Unified work profile, which combines all standard and Premium work profile features.
  • API enhancements including:
    • A new method that enables access to Samsung Smart View when in kiosk mode.
    • The method to force device auto-start-up when power is supplied now supports devices with MediaTek and UniSOC chipsets in addition to the already-supported Qualcomm and LSI chipsets.
    • Some methods were deprecated to streamline Samsung’s offerings to its industry partners.
  • Deep Settings Customization enhancements include a new feature that changes a device name remotely. This setting will be configurable using any MDM supporting Knox Service Plugin (KSP) in a future KSP release.

For a full description of the changes, see What’s new in the Knox SDK documentation.

The Knox SDK team hopes you’ll enjoy these features and is already working on the next Knox platform release, adding new features that will help you deliver the most compelling enterprise solutions. Stay tuned!


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