May 2, 2023

The Knox Partner Program officially expands its enterprise partner ecosystem to Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Samsung Knox Team
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In August 2022, we released our Knox Partner Program for MSPs in Beta with the goals of simplifying their Knox managed service operations, providing the necessary training and Knox certifications, supporting their marketing needs, and helping their business grow.

Over the course of the Beta release, Samsung has seen significant growth and uptake of Knox managed services from the Knox MSP portal. More importantly, the number of Samsung Knox Recommended MSPs and the success of our partners’ managed service business has also increased.

Today, Samsung is officially launching Knox Partner Program for MSPs to global partners with exciting new benefits and an improved experience for our partners.


What’s changed from the Beta release?


Updated tier criteria

Part of Samsung’s goal of the Knox Partner Program (KPP) is to help our MSP partners differentiate their Knox managed service capabilities and show solution quality whilst managing their customers. Using partner feedback we gathered from the Beta release, we have designed three tiers to help MSPs differentiate themselves and their Knox managed services.

Samsung Knox Recommended MSPs is a shortlist of Knox managed service providers that meet Samsung’s Knox managed service requirements, and have a proven track record of providing Knox managed services to medium-scale businesses.

Samsung Knox Premium MSPs are the top tier of Knox Partner Program for MSP, as they meet all of Samsung’s strict requirements. These Premium MSPs are required to have certified in-house Knox Experts and provide Knox managed services to large-scale businesses with professional technical support capabilities backed by Samsung.

For an overview of how to progress through the tiers and the program, see the following table:

MSP Tier

Tier Requirements

Registered MSPs

To register as an MSP for Samsung Knox, you must:

  1. Have a valid DUNS Number*
  2. Get validation and approval by local Samsung admin
Recommended MSPs

Meet the Registered MSP requirements, plus:

  1. Have a medium number of managed devices in the Knox MSP portal
  2. Have a medium number of managed customers in the Knox MSP portal
  3. Provide and manage at least two Knox services through the MSP portal
  4. Have a minimum of two certified technical staff, at least one certified as a Knox Professional and another certified as a Knox Expert
Premium MSPs

Meet the Registered and Recommended MSP requirements, plus:

  1. Have a large number of managed devices on the Knox MSP portal
  2. Have a large number of managed customers in the Knox MSP portal
  3. Have 25% of technical staff with the Knox Professional certification
  4. Have at least 2 technical staff certified as Knox Experts (or local equivalent)


Updated tier benefits

The Knox Partner Program is designed to help partners enhance customer service when providing Knox Managed Services, and aid business growth through the many benefits offered. Here are some of the benefits you can receive:

  • All Registered MSPs have access to the MSP Portal. Partners can onboard and manage customers through our single pane-of-glass management solution for all Knox services, providing you with a bird’s eye view of all your customers and devices.
  • Recommended and Premium MSPs get easy access to the Knox User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment. With the Knox UAT, partners have access to the latest Knox service updates up to 2 weeks before the official release. This allows partners to familiarize themselves with new Knox features and products, ensuring they can offer the best level of service to their customers immediately upon release.
  • Premium MSPs receive complimentary Partner Technical Support (PTS) - Advanced level, which provides direct access to expert Samsung engineers (Tier 3) through priority tickets. Premium MSPs also get discounted pricing when purchasing paid PTS, such as Elite or Elite Multinational.

The table below summarizes the benefits for MSPs at each tier:

MSP Tier

Tier Requirements

Registered MSPs
  1. Access to the Knox MSP Portal
  2. Access to marketing resources
  3. Access to Knox training & certification
Recommended MSPs

Registered MSP benefits, plus:

  1. Listed as a Recommended MSP on the Samsung Partner directory
  2. Recommended MSP partner logo
  3. Access to business opportunity management portal
  4. 1:1 technical training
  5. Access to user acceptance testing environment
Premium MSPs

Registered and Recommended MSP benefits, plus:

  1. Listed as a Premium MSP on the Samsung Partner directory
  2. Premium MSP partner logo
  3. Dedicated account manager and priority support
  4. Direct access to the Knox MSP team
  5. Free Partner Technical Support Advanced level supported by Samsung*
  6. Discounted tier upgrade for paid Partner Technical Support


Redesigned Knox Partner Program portal

To help partners track their tier progress, we’ve redesigned our KPP portal to explain the criteria and benefits of each tier. You’ll be able to see which tier you’re currently at, as well as the requirements for you to upgrade to the next tier. Benefits are reorganized and grouped into different categories so you can find them more easily. Once your tier is upgraded, you’ll get the benefits of that tier immediately.


How do I join the Knox Partner Program?

If you’re an existing MSP and have not yet joined the Knox Partner Program, you’ll see a pop-up asking you to join the next time you launch the MSP console through the Samsung Knox website. Click Join today to take advantage of the additional benefits that the KPP portal has to offer.

If you’re a new MSP partner and want access to the Knox MSP portal and other benefits, visit the Knox Managed Service Providers page to sign up as a Registered MSP. Our local team will review your application. Once it’s approved, you’ll have access to the Knox Partner Program.

If you’re currently only using the Knox MSP portal to manage devices and employees in your organization and not to provide Knox managed services, you can choose not to join the Knox Partner Program. You’ll continue to get access to the Knox MSP portal until further notice.

For more information, please speak to your local Samsung Account Representative or visit the Knox Managed Service Providers page.