August 20, 2020

Samsung Together IV - Born rugged, built for purpose

Samsung Business

On August 27th, the Samsung Mobile B2B Team once again connected with our partners and customers from around the world virtually, unveiling the all-new Tab Active3 and demonstrating how it will revolutionize the rugged tablet market with increased productivity for frontline workers.

Tab Active3 is born rugged, and built for purpose, with enhanced features, upgraded hardware and accessories, and new solutions created with our partners. It features our award-winning DeX solution, a new Active Key, support for WiFi6, MIMO, and Google AR Core ready, making it the ultimate rugged asset for workers requiring consistent high-performance in a portable and durable tablet. And the event concluded with a close look at the all-new Note20 and Note20 Ultra for Business.

At our next Samsung Together, we’ll unveil the latest in our Enterprise Edition lineup, and talk about new upgrades to our award-winning Samsung Knox mobile security platform. We hope you’ll join us so please stay tuned for registration details.

Stay strong and stay together with the Samsung team. In the meantime, if you haven’t already seen it, you can access Samsung Together episodes here.