September 2, 2016

Samsung Knox Booth Takes IFA 2016 Attendees on a Ride Through Mobile Security

Samsung Knox News

The Samsung Knox booth at IFA 2016 showcases the numerous ways Samsung’s security platform can enhance enterprise efficiency and leverage business capabilities. But rather than simply telling guests about the usability and top grade security offered by the platform, Samsung is showcasing its security solutions in a fun, interactive way. The highlight of the booth is a hands-on experience zone that aims to inform guests about how major Knox solutions can be utilized in the hospitality industry.


Upon entering the booth, guests first verify that they’re a valid ticket holder by authenticating their identity via Samsung’s iris scanning technology. Participants are then directed to the Dual Personal Experience Zone, where they can encounter first-hand Knox Platform for Enterprise, Samsung’s widely used enterprise work container. Here, guests take two pictures—one in personal mode, which can be viewed immediately, the other in enterprise mode, which requires iris authentication to view.


Next, at the Kiosk Tablet Solution, guests can select which photo they would like to have printed. While they wait, they can check out Knox Customization, a solution that lets a device be customized based on the specific services a business wants to offer its customers. Finally, at the Samsung Pay zone, participants “pay” for their photo securely, conveniently and without a wallet.


The Knox Booth also features Samsung’s latest government solutions, including a hands-on demonstration of its Pronto law enforcement solution. Pronto acts as a complete replacement for paper forms like speeding tickets and criminal records, moving major tasks to the digital realm. It also enables police officers to search databases, check warrants and access records effortlessly. Pronto is already being operated in the UK to boost workplace productivity.


Other government solutions on display include Galaxy Tab Iris, which integrate iris scanning technology, and SecuTABLET, which provides the ultimate in secure mobile communication via the Secure App Container solution.


Samsung is also highlighting new Samsung Pass service, an ‘identity management as-a-service’ which enables 3rd party service providers to provide users with convenient, secure access to their services through biometric authentication. Also on display is Samsung Mobile Voice Recording, a compliant recording solution for regulated industries that uses Knox to protect business-related communications.