August 10, 2022

Samsung Galaxy devices certified for cryptographic protection

Samsung Knox Team

As part of the certification process conducted by Poland’s Internal Security Agency, a cryptographic protection certificate was issued covering cryptographic cybersecurity, including Samsung Knox selected security mechanisms.

The security of Samsung Galaxy mobile devices is ensured by the Samsung Knox platform, which meets rigorous requirements set by governments and organizations around the world. Samsung continues to grow its list of certifications from prestigious institutions. Moving forward, select Samsung Galaxy mobile devices protected with Samsung Knox are also certified for cryptographic protection by Poland's Internal Security Agency.

Certification has been conducted within the Cybersecurity Cooperation Program (PWCyber), which is a public-private partnership initiative implemented by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister (formerly Ministry of Digitization) for the benefit of the National Cyber Security System. The partnership is designed to, among other things, increase the security of digital processes, products and services and raise awareness among users of digital solutions. Samsung Electronics Polska's presence in PWCyber from 2019 is part of an ongoing dialogue with public administration and a sense of responsibility in the area of one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century - cyber security.

Samsung Knox is a complete, multi-layered security platform that protects both businesses and individual consumers using Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Samsung Knox secures more than one billion Samsung Galaxy mobile devices worldwide, and its effectiveness is validated by numerous security certifications awarded globally by government agencies and analysts.