May 14, 2016

Samsung and Citrix extend technology partnership for EMM

Samsung Knox News

I’m excited to share with you some new ways that XenMobile and Samsung are working together to provide industry leading application and data security for Android environments. This joint solution, on display next week at Citrix Synergy 2016, allows IT to take advantage of core security and management  features of Samsung Knox at no additional cost, with optional support for the Knox Workspace container.


Samsung Knox provides mobile security in three ways:

  1. Platform Security – An unparalleled series of overlapping security measures spanning all facets of Samsung mobile devices, fused and anchored into the very hardware itself. -These include hardware root of trust, secure boot, trusted boot, run time kernel protection and TrustZone services including a hardware key store
  2. Mobile Device Management – Comprehensive device and user management policies as well as streamlined onboarding using Knox Mobile Enrollment
  3. Application Security – Knox Workspace container, VPN support, single sign-on


The new partnership between Citrix and Samsung provides XenMobile customers using XenMobile MDX Container based Mobile Application Management with additional  Knox platform security and MDM policies (blue area above) at no additional cost. Additionally, Samsung will provide Citrix with Knox APIs making it easier to apply Knox polices via the XenMobile EMM platform.

Over 85% of XenMobile customers use the Citrix MDX container for application level management and security, and now these customers will get additional Knox Platform security on Samsung Knox devices free of charge. XenMobile customers that wish to take advantage of the even deeper container-to-platform integration offered by the Knox Workspace container may optionally purchase a Knox Workspace license. The Knox Workspace license is available for purchase from both Citrix and Samsung authorized resellers. 

With XenMobile and Samsung Knox, IT will benefit from the highest levels of Android security available in the market today. The multi-layered security architecture shown above shows how Citrix and Samsung work together to provide end-to-end encryption for data-at-rest, data in-motion and data-in-use.

As an EMM platform provider, it’s important for XenMobile to work with all popular device types, operating systems and mobile technologies such as Knox. We don’t want to limit customer choice. 

Additional integration and testing have already been completed between Citrix and Samsung to support joint use cases such as the ability to bulk-enroll Knox devices on the XenMobile EMM platform. The bulk-enrollment feature (Knox Mobile Enrolment) is available now and serves as an example of our technology integration with Samsung. This enhances the joint Samsung-Citrix value proposition for enterprise customers by streamlining onboarding making it easier for IT to setup and deploy a volume of Samsung devices for end users.

At Citrix we’re looking forward to working with customers who recognize the technology benefits that XenMobile and Samsung Knox can jointly bring to enterprise Android device deployments.