October 26, 2022

Knox Release Highlights — October 2022

Samsung Knox Team


  1. Knox Service Plugin 1.3.60 (22.09) was released on September 26th, 2022.
  2. Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct 1.5 was released on September 30th, 2022.

Product Updates

Knox Product



Release Date

Knox Service Plugin


Release highlights:

  • New policy to block specific phone numbers for calls and text messages
  • New policy to block users from clearing app data or cache
  • New policy to specify screenshot storage location
  • Device eSIM menu is no longer hidden

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September 26th, 2022

Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct 


Release highlights:

  • Free license activation and new installation process
  • Side key configuration
  • DualDAR configuration expansion
  • Improvements to in-console alerts and sliding panel

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September 30th, 2022


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