September 8, 2023

Knox Release Highlights - August 2023

Samsung Knox Team
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  • UAT 23.09 pre-release period began on August 23rd 2023


Product updates

Knox product Version Highlights Release date

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)


The UAT admin guide includes all the latest information regarding the  pre-release environment. This UAT environment provides users with early access to the latest Knox cloud services two weeks prior to the production release.

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August 23rd, 2023


Notable articles/videos

UAT environment is open

User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is a pre-release period which provides you early access to the updated client, and new and updated features of the Knox services two weeks prior to the production release. Learn more about the benefits of UAT.

What is UEM?

What is UEM? And how UEM benefits retail enterprises retail enterprises

UEM stands for unified endpoint management. Put simply, UEM is software that allows enterprise IT admins to manage and secure many devices from a single, centralized point.

Network-enabled devices offer unparalleled efficiency and mobility to an enterprise workforce. So much so that it can be extremely difficult for organizations in logistics or retail to stay competitive without leveraging these benefits. Read more about UEM.

Save time with Samsung’s new autofill app

Save time while sharing devices in the field: Meet Samsung’s new autofill app

As mobile devices become more integral to everyday business processes, supplying your employees with devices that keep them productive on the job has become more important than ever. With shared devices on the frontline, repetitive, manual device and app sign-ins each time a user picks up a device can get in the way of efficiency. Explore how an autofill app can help create efficiencies for your frontline workers.