April 30, 2021

Knox Release Highlights - April 2021

Samsung Knox Team

We are excited to share the past month's release highlights, upcoming releases and features, and content highlights of April 2021.


Release highlights

  1. [Knox Manage] Knox Manage v21.4 was released on Apr. 29, 2021. Details available here
  2. [Knox Platform for Enterprise] Starting from July 1, 2021, we will provide Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) at no cost. Details available here
  3. [Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct] Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct v1.0.4 was released on Mar. 20, 2021. Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct allows administrators to configure device settings and automate device enrollment to a chosen MDM/EMM platform in a closed network environment
  4. [Knox Service Plugin] Knox Service Plugin v1.2.74 was released on Mar. 2021. Details available here
  5. [Knox Capture] Knox Capture v1.1 was released on Apr. 19, 2021. Details Available here

Upcoming releases and features

Knox Product



Release Date

Knox Manage


The major features of this release include:

  • Web-based Remote Support tool support
  • Allow duplicate package as internal and MGP private app
  • Geo-fencing event support for non-Samsung Android devices 
  • iOS user management enhancement
  • Blue light filter & 2 GB content uploads

Full Release Notes 21.4

Apr. 29, 2021

Knox Platform for Enterprise


Knox Platform for Enterprise at no cost starting from July 1, 2021. Knox Platform for Enterprise Premium license will be issued from Knox Partner Program and will consist 10M seats and stay valid for 2 years.

For more information visit webpage.

July 1, 2021

KME Direct


Initially supports our XCover 5 and XCover Pro devices. Key Features include: 

  • Simple provisioning (An administrator simply needs to scan a QR code to setup and enroll a device)
  • Automated workflow (ability to automate the network settings and device configuration settings such as customizing the hardware buttons or display settings)

For more information on Knox Mobile Enrollment Direct please visit webpage

Mar. 30, 2021

Knox Service Plugin


  • MacID Randomization – Knox Service Portal now allows IT admins to disable MAC address randomization for WPA2 and WPA3 enterprise devices that use EAP PEAP, TLS, or TTLS
  • New VPN client - Sectra Mobile VPN was added to the list of VPN vendors
  • Device key mapping in PO
  • Device volume - IT admins can set device volume for the following items: Voice Call, System Sounds, Ringer, Media Playback, Notifications
  • Widget access control - IT admins can either allow or block a set of widgets using an allowlist or a blocklist
  • Device key mapping—Home key long press - Home key long press is added to the button options for application launch
  • Samsung Keyboard - Samsung Keyboard settings can be configured for the following features: Emoticons, Stickers, GIF Keyboard, Voice Input, Live Message, Handwriting Input, Clipboard, Modes, Text Edit Panel
  • Device key mapping— application auto launch - A specific application can be set to launch automatically after installation

Mar. 2021

Knox Capture


  • Added Support XCover 5 device
  • Added License activation feature with a hidden menu
  • Added End user zoom view
  • Added Nearby Connection for configuration import/export
  • Added WP-C(WPCOD) deployment support
  • Added Landscape mode support
  • Added Advanced data formatting rules
  • Added options for delivering scanned payload data to applications with use of intents
  • Upgraded Scandit SDK to v6.6.2 (from v6.4.2)

Full Release Notes v1.1

Apr. 19, 2021

*Subject to change without prior notice


Content highlights


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[Knox E-FOTA]

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How to deploy Knox Capture using Knox Manage

[Knox Configure]

How to set up MS Teams Walkie Talkie with Knox Configure

[Knox Mobile Enrollment]

Knox: Getting started with Knox Mobile Enrollment

[Knox Platform for Enterprise]

Knox Platform for Enterprise free for customers