December 1, 2020

Introducing Samsung’s unified service portal

Samsung Knox Team

Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) streamlines the initial setup and enrollment of corporate-owned devices. On the other hand, Knox Configure (KC) empowers enterprises to customize and automate the configuration of Samsung devices purchased from authorized Samsung resellers. What happens when you bring these two exemplary services together? You get a simplified yet powerful experience that makes the lives of IT admins that much easier.

Starting with the KCS 1.37 release on December 9th, 2020, customers who are using both KME and KC can now log in to one portal to get automatic access to the other service. This combined view gives you a single-pane of glass experience, helping you manage your device fleet with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency.

Samsung’s new Knox admin portal brings you the same top-notch product quality, with a lot more cohesive user experience.

Here are some of the important elements of Samsung’s new unified admin portal.


Seamlessly switch between services

For users who are enrolled in KC and KME, the left hand accordion view allows you to quickly switch between KC and KME views. This new accordion view gives you a high level overview of the features available to you in each service and enables you to quickly navigate to the appropriate screen.

To use the accordion view and switch between each service’s screens: Click the appropriate service name. This opens the appropriate feature list, while collapsing the currently open list.


Easily add an additional service

If you are currently using just KC or KME, you can easily add the other additional service from inside the Knox admin portal. 

To add an additional service: In the top right corner, click your profile name > Manage Services > click and select the check box for the service you want to add.

NOTE – Once you add a service to your account, you cannot remove it or make further changes to it using this screen. You should contact Samsung Knox Support for assistance. 


Customize your landing page

You can also set the initial landing page view to either KC or KME. Once you update your preferences and successfully log in, your chosen page opens. The default view is set to KME.

To change the default view: In the top right corner, click your profile name > Manage Preferences > click Default Service.


Make your voice heard

The new Knox admin portal features a centralized area for support that lets you get answers to your frequently asked questions, get support from our expert Knox customer service representatives, and send in your feedback that is then directly routed to the appropriate Samsung team.

USP feedback screen

What next?

The Knox admin portal, featuring a combined view of KC and KME is just the first step towards a deeper integration of our Knox and business services, with more to come. This update is slated for release with the KCS 1.37 release on December 9th, 2020.


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