November 29, 2021

How Knox Configure Routine opens up new automation possibilities for your mobile service offerings.

Samsung Knox Team

As mobile devices become more and more integral to everyday life, the trend towards mobile automation is gathering pace. We all have patterns in our smartphone-enhanced lives that are repetitive and recurrent – the regular commute in our cars, interacting with specific apps at specific times or logging in and out of the office Wi-Fi on specific days, for example.

As a service provider, your business model may already include customized smartphones or tablets. And these may well be bundled with your current services and content, or dedicated to a specific business purpose. But what if you could also build-in automation? Just imagine being able to set up those devices to perform a certain function under pre-determined circumstances or in response to specific triggers – totally automatically.

Of course, for fully company-owned and controlled devices, EMM solutions can carry out these kinds of bespoke functions. But what about those customized devices which are bought by generic, unspecified audiences? How can they be personalized for this kind of automation?


Introducing a new Knox Configure feature – Routine automation.

A new addition to Knox Configure, this feature makes your customized devices even more productive and indispensable – a ground-breaking function that automates many of the routine tasks in your end users’ lives.

The beauty of Knox Configure Routine is that these automated actions can all be established without the need for a network connection. Once set up remotely - alongside other Knox Configure functions - the trigger and action are ready-to-go on the device. That way automated responses happen ‘native’ on the device without any server communication, and even without a network connection.

From automatically updated news bulletins to automated homework assignment delivery - let’s take a look at how Knox Configure Routine can have a positive impact on all kinds of business models.


Welcome news for Content Publishers: Making user experiences more useful – and more of an experience

Many content-based businesses are moving from offline environments into the digital space. Newspaper publishers and educational content providers are two prime examples of this. In fact the ‘tablet plus content’ subscription model is a growing, value-added business approach that is breathing new life into traditional content providers.

Knox Configure already allows these businesses to install their own apps and content platforms, along with logos and home screen backgrounds at boot up, as well as lock screen images – all without opening the box.

But KC Routine can make that personalized experience even deeper and longer-lasting.

Publishers might be concerned about waning interest in a newspaper app over time, for example, as users check in for news updates with declining frequency. But what if you could be much more proactive with the news than that? Imagine an app that launches at 8.15am, right on cue when your finance editorials are freshly updated and your reader is getting ready for the day? The most up-to-date content can be right there at their fingertips, alongside their coffee.

It’s like picking up the old school newspaper on the doormat, but in personalized, auto-updated, digital form. KC Routine builds in automated actions that make the experience much more engaging, and evolving over a much longer lifespan.


Creating more specific solutions for more specific audiences.

KC Routine opens up new opportunities for a variety of businesses targeting a specific set of end users with smart devices. Take a tablet-based Home Tutoring Service as a simple example: You might want the study app to go live at 5pm; a kids’ game-and-learn app to be activated at 7pm and Wi-Fi turned off at 11pm. You could even have the device fully tailored to be kids-friendly during a set time, with all UX and contents transformed into Samsung Kids mode – from 10am to 2pm for example.

Once again, it doesn’t make sense to use an EMM – those are unmanaged devices, distributed to end customers’ hands. Yet they can still operate as intended, automatically.

Similarly, Small Businesses such as local clinics, restaurants and more could take advantage of that new functionality in different ways. In addition to more familiar Knox Configure functions such as background images, company logos and content customization, KC Routine allows for specific actions to be triggered: Connection to the company Wi-Fi from 9am – on weekdays only; Sounds and vibrations muted during specific working or study hours; Power-saving mode automatically triggered at a certain battery percentage.

All of these and many other functions can be set up to work automatically on your devices without the need for server communication. That way mundane tasks are automated and network usage is freed up for more business-critical tasks.


Intuitive to set up. Seamless in action.

The possibilities with KC Routine are growing fast, whilst programming and deployment couldn’t be simpler. Follow a few basic steps and you can write your own Routines based on a comprehensive – and expanding – list of triggers.

In fact, the only real limit is your imagination. Already, this exciting new feature is generating a lot of positive feedback from content providers and more. As the Knox team releases more and more events and actions that can be written into the Routine platform, we’re only expecting that positivity to grow.


You can play your part in that development too.

We at Samsung would welcome the chance to discuss your own business insights into possibilities for further automation – particularly helping us to determine which triggers, actions and functions should be prioritized next.

Our Knox experts will be more than happy to discuss the opportunities that KC Routine could bring to your business, so please feel free to contact us.


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