October 5, 2022

Empower your IT with Knox Suite

Samsung Knox Team

Your IT department is at the heart of your business.

They are the caretakers of your technology and guardians of your digital assets, ensuring that every member of your team can access the information they need to, when they need to.

A good IT department stays ahead of trends to keep you ahead of your competitors, and is constantly tweaking your business practices to maximize efficiency.

But as your company grows, so does the amount of data, devices, and personnel your IT has to manage. Without centralization, preparation, and technological advancements, the burden placed on your IT and technical teams can grow exponentially.

Samsung designed Knox Suite to help your teams face these challenges.

Knox Suite is an all-in-one solution, built for enterprise mobility. It combines our award-winning Knox Platform for Enterprise, Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox Manage, Knox E-FOTA, and Knox Asset Intelligence into one single license with a single management console.

Efficiently secure, deploy, manage and analyze our devices for the entire enterprise mobility journey – whether you’re looking for overall mobility management, or simply aiming to enhance your existing infrastructure. Ensure your business data is protected with government-grade* managed security features at your control.

Gain comprehensive management of devices that meets and exceeds Android enterprise capabilities — including remote support, OS update management, in-depth asset analytics and more. All seamlessly deployed to your work devices, for virtually any fleet size, in any network environment.


Knox Suite operates on four core pillars, covering all steps in your device lifecycle, all optimized for Samsung devices:

Knox Suite is market-proven and is designed to give businesses advanced management, end-to-end security, and strong flexibility throughout their device lifecycle.

Your IT team is the unsung hero of your organization, and the easier you can make their jobs, the more they can secure and bolster your business practices. Samsung and the Samsung Knox Suite can help support them with smart and versatile solutions.

Knox Suite (1-year license) is included in the Galaxy Enterprise Edition.

*For details, please visit www.samsungknox.com/knox-platform/knox-certifications

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All-in-one solution bundle for enterprise mobility.

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Join us and get a 90-day free trial for Knox Suite and other Knox products. *Approval required

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A complete set of tools to secure, deploy, manage, and analyze your enterprise's corporate mobile devices.

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Try powerful features bundled with Knox Suite, such as Knox Remote Support.

Knox Suite include:

[Icon] Knox Platform for Enterprise Knox Platform for Enterprise
[Icon] Knox E-FOTA Knox E-FOTA
[Icon] Knox Mobile Enrollment Knox Mobile Enrollment
[Icon] Knox Asset Intelligence Knox Asset Intelligence
[Icon] knox manage Knox Manage
[Icon] knox capture Knox Capture

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Remotely configure Samsung devices in bulk and tailor them to specific needs, right out of the box.

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After approval, you can try both the:

  • Setup edition — designed for a one-time deployment
  • Dynamic edition — deploy and update policies as many times without a factory reset.
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Try either the Setup edition or Dynamic edition of Knox Configure on up to 30 devices.

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Get a free Knox Suite trial upon approval to try our UEM.

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Remotely control Samsung devices to reduce financial risks and protect assets.

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After you get approved, generate your free trial license for 90 days.


Try all the features of Knox Guard on up to 30 devices, including SIM control and device locking.

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Get a free Knox Suite trial upon approval to try our UEM.

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Protect your business devices against accidental damage and mechanical breakdowns.

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Are you already a Samsung Care+ for Business customer? Create an account and access the Samsung Care+ for Business console.

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Contact the Samsung sales team and get peace of mind for your devices.

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Samsung offers additional solutions to serve the unique needs of your business. Talk to a Samsung expert today.

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