Knox Premium

Cross-platform mobile management

Remotely manage your businesses’ mobile enterprise with Knox Premium, a cloud-based, cross-platform enterprise mobility management solution, combined with an on-device secure container for Samsung devices.

Knox Premium is a cloud-based EMM solution with a secure work container, featuring cross-platform support to meet different corporate environments. With a low-cost license fee, and no need for a dedicated infrastructure to set up, Premium is an ideal solution for customers who are considering EMM adoption.

Mobile management made easy

Easily implement your company guidelines by accessing of a rich set of IT policies, and quickly deploy, manage and control access to apps via whitelist and blacklist capabilities.

Knox Premium also has flexible support for add-ons, including integrated identity management with Active Directory, and an easy plug-in upgrade to Knox Workspace for more advanced container features.

High-grade security

Gain multi-layered device protection that is designed to keep your business applications and data safer. This solution includes real-time kernel protection, on-device encryption, SE for Android, and two factor biometric authentication.

Knox Premium’s work container is tightly integrated with the Knox Platform for ultimate device protection and data security. It also allows users to separate work apps and data on Samsung enterprise devices for a more secure environment. Data in this container are completely isolated and encrypted, and the container locks if the device is ever compromised.


Device settings

Connectivity setup

Wi-Fi, VPN, APN, Exchange, firewall settings

Email account setting

Configures employee email account from console

Application push

Pushes apps to employee devices

Device management

Application black/whitelist

Sets a list of applications to allow or disallow to be installed

App store restriction

Allows or disallows use of a public app store

Interface control

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microphone force on/off

Functional restrictions

Camera, Screen capture, External SD card, etc.

Data usage restrictions

Sets a limit to data usage

Knox Workspace

Activates and manages Knox Workspace

Device monitoring

Remote device lock/wipe

Remotely lock or wipe a device in case lost or stolen


Server Options

Server Options

License types

License types

Monthly or yearly
Supported devices

Supported devices

Android, iOS and Windows 10
Supported countries

Supported countries


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Knox Premium

EMM registration

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