Febrero 3, 2021

Create mobile apps for your business websites with Knox Manage

Samsung Knox Team

Let your employees instantly access mobile versions of your company’s most visited internal and external websites with Knox Manage.

Using the Managed Google Play’s Web Application feature, IT admins can create mobile apps with personalized icons that reside on employee device home screens. This allows employees to quickly access frequently visited company sites with just a tap on the app, making user experience far easier than sharing URLs via text messages or adding preset bookmarks on web browser apps.


Choose from three display options

Once an IT manager registers a URL on the console, Knox Manage provides the web site as a single application with three types of display settings. (Full Screen, Standalone, Minimal UI)

Note - Web applications via Knox Manage are based on the Google Chrome browser.


Customize your app icons

Knox Manage also provides an icon customization feature for web applications to allow you to use custom icons even if you provide various web applications on the home screen for better accessibility.


Learn more

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