Junio 2, 2021

Upcoming changes with KCS 1.39 release

Samsung Knox Team

The next Knox cloud services (KCS) release v1.39 is scheduled for release on June 16, 2021 during regular PST business hours. This release is expected to include new product features and enhancements that aim to improve product usability of products in the Knox ecosystem. During the release process, SamsungKnox.com and each of the Knox product admin portals will continue to be available.

This pre-release note includes future feature commitments and other information that may change leading up to the actual release.



From June 16th, the SamsungKnox.com and Knox products onboarding flow sees significant improvements from a usability standpoint. If you are a new customer enrolling to SamsungKnox.com for the first time, a registration request for all Knox services is automatically made on your behalf. For customers who are already registered to use any one of the many Knox services, once you agree to the combined Knox Product Terms and Conditions, you are automatically registered to use the other Knox services without needing further approval from Samsung.

Going forward, you can also use most of your Knox services - such as Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox Configure, Knox Asset Intelligence, and Samsung Care+ for Business - in a unified service portal. With this change, you don’t need to navigate to another window or tab to use any of your registered services. You can see and manage those Knox services from one single portal.


Expected SamsungKnox.com changes

The following are some of the key changes that we expect on the SamsungKnox.com portal:

  • Registration: Streamlined and unified enrollment process for Knox products, including the Knox Suite (Knox Manage, Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox E-FOTA, Knox Asset Intelligence), Knox Configure, and Samsung Care+ for Business.
  • User dashboard: Now labelled My Knox, the redesigned user dashboard now features a new notification panel and account menu providing basic account information and quick access to the unified admin portal.
  • Knox Manage: Offers a simplified registration and sub-admin invitation flow as well as Active Directory SSO support.
  • Knox for Frontline: Features a new enterprise solutions landing page featuring Knox solutions for frontline workers.
  • Other changes: Provides access to a new gated content download page for the following items:
    • 2021 IDC MarketScape report on Knox
    • Redesigned Buy from a reseller page catalog
    • Updated social share links (including LinkedIn) for blog posts


Expected product changes

The following table summarizes some of the key changes that are going live with the KCS 1.39 release.

Product Enhancements
Knox Manage
  • Adds support for shared Samsung tablets and Android devices.
  • Allows Application Deployment Scheduling.
  • Supports Active Directory account-based SSO login from SamsungKnox.com.
Knox Mobile Enrollment
  • Adds support for Kenya.
  • Supports the following additional EMM partners in the Android Enterprise profile setting list: Scalefusion, Vanguard, Pulsus, Hexnode, Apptec360, Cloud4Mobile
Knox E-FOTA One
  • Supports the enrollment of devices that are not registered in Google FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) server and do not have a push ID.
  • Retains the devices from multiple sources — such as Reseller portal, CSV upload, and EMM group — even if the device is removed from EMM.
  • Improves the local campaign feature to allow editing of local campaigns as well as assign or unassign your devices, and deliver the firmware file to the local storage even if there is no assigned device.
Knox Asset Intelligence
  • Collects remote device logs and allows customers to request device logs directly from enrolled devices to troubleshoot issues quickly and avoid device user interaction.
Knox Configure
  • Adds support for customization of Samsung Kids Mode.
  • Allows configuration of the enhanced Multi-App Kiosk Mode.
  • Extends support to Enterprise Edition (EE) devices to be assigned with any Knox Configure license that is not Knox Configure Dynamic EE license.
Knox MSP Program
  • Adds a new license view on the MSP portal for consolidated license management. IT admins can now share licenses with multiple fully managed (no access permission) customers. NOTE: For the KCS 1.39 release, this feature is only available for Knox Configure licenses.
Samsung Care+ for Business 
  • Allows automatic entry of licenses in the portal, when the Knox license reseller places an order that includes the Knox Customer ID information.
  • Supports the following additional local languages in the user interface: Español AL, 한국어, Deutsch, Français, Italiano.
  • Facilitates customization of the fields in the Devices list to ensure that the user has access to a greater variety of information for their devices.
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