Mayo 6, 2020

Samsung Knox for Managed Service Providers

Uma Sahani

We are pleased to announce the launch of Samsung Knox MSP Program. This program is designed to provide qualified managed service providers with technical and business benefits to deliver Knox cloud solutions as business solutions. We have just launched this program in April and we welcome interested Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to apply for this program. MSPs can build device based solutions for their customers using Knox Configure now. We plan to add other services such as Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) soon.


Over last few months we had multiple discussions with some MSPs who are using various Knox cloud services on behalf of their customers. We received a lot of valuable feedback around areas we can make MSPs more productive and efficient in helping their end customers. One key area for improvement was customer onboarding. Onboarding a customer in Knox cloud services requires MSPs to work with customer in creating Samsung Account and KC or KME service registration on the Samsung Knox User Dashboard. Then MSPs have to wait for Samsung to approve those customer accounts. Managing multiple consoles for multiple customers was also operationally very cumbersome. In some cases account credentials have to be shared with MSPs to manage customer devices on behalf of the customer.


Based on this feedback we worked on enabling our MSP Partners to:

  • Seamlessly onboard and service SMB (small and medium-sized businesses) customers, view and manage all customers using a single pane of glass
  • Lower operational costs for deploying solutions based on Samsung devices
  • Manage customer accounts and Samsung devices via the MSP Portal


Key uses cases of the Samsung Knox MSP Program:

  • Samsung authorized MSPs can seamlessly onboard their customers for Knox cloud services without requiring Samsung Account creation and Samsung admin approval
  • Samsung authorized MSPs can deploy and manage devices in Knox cloud services on behalf of their customers using MSP Portal or APIs
  • Samsung Authorized MSPs can migrate existing KCS customers looking to outsource IT services
  • Carriers can work with their MSP partners to deliver Knox cloud services such as KC or KME to their customers without requiring multiple manual steps
  • Channels like Distributors and VARs (value-added resellers) can utilize Knox cloud services in their managed services portfolio
  • IT Consulting and Solution Providers can offer Samsung device based solutions to their customers


How to register as an MSP:

  1. Create a new Samsung Account
  2. Use this account to register at
  3. Make sure you have logged out of any other KCS consoles (Reseller, KC or KME) you may be using
  4. Fill in the details and submit the registration form
  5. Samsung will review the application and you will receive an email notification upon approval with details on MSP Portal access


Key Features in Knox MSP Portal:

  1. Onboard a customer
  2. Manage devices, profiles, licenses on behalf of customers
  3. View notifications related to specific customer
  4. Approve uploaded devices from resellers on behalf of customers


We strongly believe that MSPs are one of our most valuable partners who can provide customers with best in class device based solutions based on Samsung products and services. This program is very much oriented towards helping our MSP partners improve operational efficiency, expand revenue, as well provide excellent customer experience. MSPs can apply for this program at We also have an MSP Admin Guide that details specific steps to register as a MSP and what to do in the MSP Portal.

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Paquete de soluciones todo en uno para ofrecer movilidad empresarial.

  • Obtenga una prueba gratuita de 90 días para hasta 30 dispositivos.
  • Un conjunto completo de herramientas para proteger, implementar, administrar y analizar los dispositivos corporativos.
  • Pruebe funciones potentes incluidas en el paquete de Knox Suite.

Knox Suite incluye lo siguiente:

Knox Mobile Enrollment Gratuita
Knox Manage
Knox Asset Intelligence
Knox Platform for Enterprise Gratuita
Soporte remoto de Knox
Knox Capture
Knox Authentication Manager

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Personalice sus dispositivos Samsung y cámbieles la marca.

  • Obtenga una prueba gratuita de 90 días para hasta 30 dispositivos.
  • Configure de forma remota los dispositivos Samsung en masa y personalícelos según las necesidades específicas, desde el primer momento.
  • Configure sus dispositivos para una implementación de una sola vez o actualícelos cuantas veces quiera.

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Protección contra el fraude y el robo para dispositivos Samsung.

  • Obtenga una prueba gratuita de 90 días para hasta 30 dispositivos.
  • Reduzca los riesgos financieros y proteja los activos mediante el control remoto de dispositivos Samsung.
  • Pruebe todas las funciones de Knox Guard, incluidos el control de SIM y el bloqueo de dispositivos.

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[Imagen] Logotipo de Samsung Care Plus For Business

Planes de protección de dispositivos para dispositivos Samsung.

  • Limite las interrupciones empresariales con reparaciones y reemplazos de dispositivos rápidos. Comuníquese con el equipo de ventas de Samsung para comenzar.
  • Vea toda la cobertura para dispositivos e información de reclamaciones en un solo lugar.
  • ¿Ya compró Samsung Care+ for Business? Cree una cuenta y active su plan en la consola Samsung Care+ for Business.

Otros productos y servicios

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Soluciones modernas para abordar sus necesidades únicas.

  • Obtenga soporte técnico eficiente de un administrador de cuentas dedicado con el Soporte técnico empresarial.
  • Cree dispositivos a medida para su empresa mediante Samsung Software Customization Service.