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Samsung Knox and Partners: The StampIT Story

Samsung Knox Team

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Discover how StampIT Business Solutions LLP is revolutionising the agricultural and mining sectors with smart integration - increasing traceability and broadening access to sustainable tech.


Sowing the seeds of digital transformation

The agricultural and mining sectors can be secluded and shrouded in mystery, making it difficult for buyers to understand the origins of raw materials and produce.

Only a few years ago, securely managing supply chain data seemed like a distant dream, with limited access to multi-use devices and a lack of data protection for what was captured on those devices. With the burden of this access, plus administration, logistics and security to consider, it seemed farfetched to think that everything from field data to authenticity could be managed efficiently.

This would mean using devices with geolocation and tracking functions, security software, custom IT infrastructure and databases, multiple field tools and a reliance on human intervention, at almost every point. This was until businesses like StampIT started using Knox-enabled Samsung devices to achieve the “unthinkable”.


Meet StampIT

StampIT started in 2015, with a focus on providing specialized software for agriculture and technology. “Our aim is to bring robust technology to the farming companies that can benefit from it most.” says Krishna Vallapu, Founder and Managing Director of StampIT. But while this may sound like a simple vision, there’s more to achieving this than meets the eye.


So, how do they do it?

With a combination of hardware, software, blockchain technology and multi-tiered but efficient workflows, StampIT and its blockchain partner are redefining what it means to manage data and supply in today’s digital world. Simply put:

  1. Knox-enabled Samsung devices enable StampIT to protect data in a secure environment that separates both personal and work information.
  2. Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technology (tokenizing carbon credit) secures, authenticates, verifies ownership and makes that data traceable with StampIT technology, on Samsung devices.


Bringing security, traceability and sustainability to life

Let’s explore how this looks in practice:


Certifying agricultural seeds

 Before you get a commercial seed to market, there’s a long and complicated process to verify its authenticity and protect it. Part of this process is changing the modification status from a nuclear seed to a commercial seed – an advancement that has to be approved. 

“We trace everything from the nuclear seed to the certified seed and all research associates within the organisation use Knox-enabled Samsung devices. In India, we have seed varieties, such as Telangana Sona Masuri and Red Gram, that need protection and shouldn’t get mixed up. Data protection and mobility gives us a geographical indication for variety protection. Samsung devices play a major role in collecting the data parameters for geographical indication of the proposed local varieties of seeds. They ensure the uniqueness of this particular seed, protecting it for biodiversity,” says Vallapu.


Supply chain data management

Finding out where goods are, or where they’re sourced from, can be a difficult task - especially in terms of tracking. Capturing data manually leaves too much room for human error and misinterpretation and goods often move long distances to reach their final destination. But with a combination of geo-location features, secure hardware, hash keys (information stored on a blockchain) and QR codes, workers are able to trace and capture data quickly and securely at every point of the supply chain.



In some ways the global agricultural sector is facing potentially catastrophic challenges. Teams need the right data to manage their carbon footprint and, from here, they can work towards neutralizing it. Similarly, overmining presents a key risk to the world’s natural resources in an already burdened ecological climate. Buyers along the supply chain need the reassurance that they are supporting sustainable agriculture and mining.

“The technology is going to have a bigger impact on this sustainability aspect”, says Vallapu. “If we look at the workflow this closely, we can calculate the carbon footprint of work and make tracing simpler. The token we’ve created has really increased this potential”.


Why did StampIT choose to partner with Samsung?

We asked Vallapu to elaborate on how the Samsung Knox Partner Program has supported StampIt in their current ambitions. Here’s what we learned.

  • Access to Samsung expertise: “We needed comprehensive consultation on how to design a mobility-based workflow with built-in device security and control. Samsung expertise enabled this with their knowledge, training and resources”.
  • From development to go-to-market: “Samsung not only supported our solution optimization with technical consultancy on Samsung devices but they also collaborated with us to create strategic go-to-market routes. At the same time Samsung sales resources helped us launch more innovative solutions in a historically traditional industry”.
  • Secure infrastructure and data protection: Users tend to switch between work and personal tasks on a mobile device and Samsung gives StampIT customers the ability to do this without compromising company data by providing Knox Platform. Learn more about the benefits for partners here.


What’s next?

In an era where long-term technological solutions are more important than ever and businesses must become more transparent and ethical, StampIT has emerged as a pioneer.

To achieve this, they’ve applied integrated technologies to separating data on multi-use devices, processing that data for security and then using a combination of Knox features for device management such as a timely firmware management and blockchain technology to heighten security, traceability and transparency.

Not only are they helping to protect indigenous seed variants, and contributing to digitization in agriculture and mining, they're also making it possible for consumers and organizations to trace the origins of mined materials, providing cost-effective, secure and easy-to-use infrastructure that prevents overmining and protects the Earth.

Would you like to become part of the Samsung Knox Partner Program? Apply here.

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