Diciembre 1, 2020

Samsung for a stronger tomorrow: Next-level mobile solutions for the government and public sector

Samsung Knox Team

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On November 19th, we convened once again virtually for our final Samsung Together session, this time sharing our solutions and offerings for government and the public sector.

2020 has been an unprecedented year that has called for extraordinary solutions to solve the issues facing millions of families around the world. As governments continue to face the shared challenge of ensuring the safety of their citizens and maximizing public health efficiency, Samsung Together VII was an opportunity for our Mobile B2B team to once again reiterate our dedication to producing innovative solutions that can make a difference.

In this session, we were joined by a distinguished panel of leaders from the public sector and military for a fireside chat, looking closely at mobility trends, challenges and the growing significance of 5G in the government sector.

We were also joined by Samsung professionals from around the world who shared insightful use cases on some of the many ways our solutions and devices are being leveraged by governments and public sectors to enhance security and manageability through our industry-leading Knox solution.

If you have questions about the session or need more info about the use cases and products we covered in any of our previous sessions this year, please contact your local sales teams. They’ll be happy to help.

From all of us at Samsung, we wish you health and safety and send our deepest gratitude for participating in our Samsung Together series this year. If you haven’t seen previous episodes, click here: Watch Samsung Together episodes

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Paquete de soluciones todo en uno para ofrecer movilidad empresarial.

  • Obtenga una prueba gratuita de 90 días para hasta 30 dispositivos.
  • Un conjunto completo de herramientas para proteger, implementar, administrar y analizar los dispositivos corporativos.
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  • Configure sus dispositivos para una implementación de una sola vez o actualícelos cuantas veces quiera.

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Protección contra el fraude y el robo para dispositivos Samsung.

  • Obtenga una prueba gratuita de 90 días para hasta 30 dispositivos.
  • Reduzca los riesgos financieros y proteja los activos mediante el control remoto de dispositivos Samsung.
  • Pruebe todas las funciones de Knox Guard, incluidos el control de SIM y el bloqueo de dispositivos.

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Planes de protección de dispositivos para dispositivos Samsung.

  • Limite las interrupciones empresariales con reparaciones y reemplazos de dispositivos rápidos. Comuníquese con el equipo de ventas de Samsung para comenzar.
  • Vea toda la cobertura para dispositivos e información de reclamaciones en un solo lugar.
  • ¿Ya compró Samsung Care+ for Business? Cree una cuenta y active su plan en la consola Samsung Care+ for Business.

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Soluciones modernas para abordar sus necesidades únicas.

  • Obtenga soporte técnico eficiente de un administrador de cuentas dedicado con el Soporte técnico empresarial.
  • Cree dispositivos a medida para su empresa mediante Samsung Software Customization Service.