Noviembre 20, 2019

Important announcements made at Samsung Developer Conference (SDC 2019)

Daljot Singh

Samsung Developer Conference 2019 concluded a few weeks ago, attracting more than 5800 attendees. Whether you missed it or want to refresh your memories of the experience, here is a list of some of the important events and announcements.


Knox Partner Program

This new Knox Partner Program is an evolution of the previous Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP). The program is completely free to join. Our partners can enjoy this program in four ways:



Samsung unveiled a groundbreaking addition to the Bixby Developer Studio called "capsules". With this feature, it is easier than ever before to create a chatbot without the need for any major coding. The user simply needs to provide relevant data and guide Bixby on what to do with that data. It’s always better to show than to tell. On that note, check out the part of the SDC presentation that describes the feature:



At Samsung, we believe it is impossible to get to the top without collaborating with our peers. To facilitate this collaboration, we introduced some interesting projects at SDC:

  • Alongside Verizon and BlueJeans, Samsung has developed video mobile conferencing. This makes video conferencing available to everyone, without needing any expensive equipment.
  • Samsung and IBM announced the safety for first responders platform utilizing IBM’s cloud and 5G capabilities. This platform plans to help track an employee’s vitals, like heart-rate and physical activity levels. This information helps the system determine if the person is in distress and results in an automatic dispatch of help.
  • Last but not the least, the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow program’s teacher alumni made a call-to-action to developers. They urged developers to mentor students as well as guide teachers and schools to help foster STEM education in remote areas. They stressed the importance of investing in rural areas and to eventually stop the rural brain-drain.


Stay tuned:

Hope you enjoyed the article. We also launched a new Consolidated Developer Guide with the Knox Partner Program. It aims to help users find the right documents and get correct guidance. We will discuss more about that in the next blog post. Until then, feel free to look for more information about SDC’s events and workshops.

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Conviértase en socio de Knox y haga crecer su empresa hoy mismo.

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[Imagen] Knox Suite

Paquete de soluciones todo en uno para ofrecer movilidad empresarial.

  • Obtenga una prueba gratuita de 90 días para hasta 30 dispositivos.
  • Un conjunto completo de herramientas para proteger, implementar, administrar y analizar los dispositivos corporativos.
  • Pruebe funciones potentes incluidas en el paquete de Knox Suite.

Knox Suite incluye lo siguiente:

Knox Mobile Enrollment Gratuita
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Knox Platform for Enterprise Gratuita
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Knox Capture
Knox Authentication Manager

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Personalice sus dispositivos Samsung y cámbieles la marca.

  • Obtenga una prueba gratuita de 90 días para hasta 30 dispositivos.
  • Configure de forma remota los dispositivos Samsung en masa y personalícelos según las necesidades específicas, desde el primer momento.
  • Configure sus dispositivos para una implementación de una sola vez o actualícelos cuantas veces quiera.

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Protección contra el fraude y el robo para dispositivos Samsung.

  • Obtenga una prueba gratuita de 90 días para hasta 30 dispositivos.
  • Reduzca los riesgos financieros y proteja los activos mediante el control remoto de dispositivos Samsung.
  • Pruebe todas las funciones de Knox Guard, incluidos el control de SIM y el bloqueo de dispositivos.

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[Imagen] Logotipo de Samsung Care Plus For Business

Planes de protección de dispositivos para dispositivos Samsung.

  • Limite las interrupciones empresariales con reparaciones y reemplazos de dispositivos rápidos. Comuníquese con el equipo de ventas de Samsung para comenzar.
  • Vea toda la cobertura para dispositivos e información de reclamaciones en un solo lugar.
  • ¿Ya compró Samsung Care+ for Business? Cree una cuenta y active su plan en la consola Samsung Care+ for Business.

Otros productos y servicios

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Soluciones modernas para abordar sus necesidades únicas.

  • Obtenga soporte técnico eficiente de un administrador de cuentas dedicado con el Soporte técnico empresarial.
  • Cree dispositivos a medida para su empresa mediante Samsung Software Customization Service.