Marzo 2, 2020

Announcing Samsung E-FOTA One for improved OS management

Samsung Knox News

Samsung is pleased to announce Samsung Knox E-FOTA One, a new and improved offering that will be added to our industry leading E-FOTA (Enterprise Firmware Over-the-Air) solution lineup.

Since 2017, Samsung has offered two versions of this popular business solution, both an EMM integrated basic solution, and a more powerful stand-alone cloud service. Samsung Knox E-FOTA has empowered IT managers to take better control of mobile devices to:

  • Achieve security compliance via more consistent delivery of OS updates across the organization.
  • Deliver IT OpEx savings in testing and support through reduction of OS fragmentation in fleet.
  • Help maintain business continuity by allowing admins to roll out stable OS environments and minimize disruptive OS update events.

Our Knox team have heard the concerns of enterprise customers, for whom the security and stability of mobile devices for day-to-day and 24/7 mission critical operations is an ongoing concern. These customers have embraced more robust OS/firmware upgrade management and see it as essential for a better mobile IT ops experience and an improved business bottom line.

And so, we are combining best practices from our E-FOTA solution line-up and are pleased to announce our next generation cloud-based solution, Samsung Knox E-FOTA One.

With Knox E-FOTA One, enterprise IT admins can further enjoy an improved OS management experience such as:

  • EMM integration - Ability to sync and utilize an EMM’s device and group information for FOTA activities management (VMware Workspace ONE and Knox Manage support available at initial launch, other EMMs to follow).
  • Sleek console look and feel, and intuitive design - Revamped UI/UX based on Knox family framework.
  • Enhanced service enrollment methods - Streamlined out-of-box (device "unboxing" or "kitting") client installation/activation supported.
  • More powerful multi-device update campaign capabilities, reducing management points.

Knox E-FOTA One will be available in most countries starting March 2020, and more features and improvements will be added in upcoming regular releases.

For a deeper dive of this business solution, please see our Admin Guide.

Stay tuned to for the latest updates related to this product, or contact your local Samsung representatives for information.

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