Outubro 27, 2023

Samsung Knox Admin Portal receives the 2023 Red Dot Design Award

Sylvia Leung, UX Designer - Samsung Research America
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The Samsung Knox Admin Portal was recognized with the 2023 Red Dot Award in the category of interface design, specifically for their user-centric and research-driven approach to understanding the needs of customers. Our solution empowers users with a comprehensive overview of device health, admin, and license management, giving them valuable insights at a glance. 

Red Dot Design Award is one of the largest, international, annual design competitions and is a recognized seal of quality for good design. Every year, the Red Dot Award is awarded to the year’s best brands and communication design projects. This year’s entries came from 55 countries. Each project is uniquely different, but they all have one thing in common: high design quality. 


A window into all Knox solutions

Our B2B customers who want to access the Samsung Knox Admin Portal to use Knox business solutions, including Knox Suite, Knox Configure, and Knox Guard, can go to SamsungKnox.com. From there, users no longer need to sign in to multiple Knox consoles to find the pages they use the most, or filter through individual service tables to identify critical devices. All of these features can be monitored from Knox Admin Portal’s dashboard and centralized notification center.



Consolidated workflows for device, license, and admin management

IT admins can now sign up for multiple services through a new, streamlined onboarding flow that makes it easy to get started using Knox. They can also customize their Knox experience by adding and removing services, making sure their company’s needs are met. 

Device information across services has been combined, meaning IT admins now see a single table of device details. With quick access to Knox Remote Support and the ability to delete devices across all services with just one action, this new menu creates a seamless device management experience. 

Depending on the size of the IT department, admins can be added one at a time or in bulk, and roles for multiple services can be assigned to each admin in a single workflow. License details are neatly summarized in a table, and admins can take key actions like adding, deleting, or replacing licenses from a unified action menu.


Seamlessly switch between services with Knox Admin Portal

We recognized a key customer pain point: IT admins had to sign in to each Knox service console separately to manage the same set of devices. We designed the Knox Admin Portal and its navigation pane to unify this experience, allowing users to quickly switch between Knox solutions with just a few clicks. The accordion view gives you all the services available to you at-a-glance, and enables you to quickly navigate to the feature you want.


Better visibility and simplified management with Knox Admin Portal

Since its launch, the Knox Admin Portal has been a critical tool for many businesses around the globe. The improved device management solution aims to unify and harmonize the Knox experience for users everywhere. By simplifying admin management and unifying communications from individual services in a common notification center, the Knox Admin Portal dramatically increases admin productivity by removing redundancy in managing devices, licenses, and administrators across all Knox solutions.

The winning Knox Admin Portal entry will be featured permanently on the Red Dot website.

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