März 24, 2021

The single pane of glass for firmware management, Knox E-FOTA

Samsung Knox Team

As the adoption of mobile devices is accelerating in global industries, the increased demand for security and management drives IT managers to seek more efficient methods of running operations.

In particular, as the competition among EMM solution providers intensifies, enterprise IT managers frequently have to choose a different method from traditional device operations for specific functions for their industry, and consider the cost of ownership of each EMM solution.

For example, when a specialized EMM solution for a specific industry is required, IT managers may have to migrate the EMM, or operate multiple EMMs at the same time.

According to the IDC 2020 Enterprise Workspace and Mobility Decision Maker Survey, 38% of IT managers are currently using 2 or more EMM solutions, and 47% are actively migrating or have a plan to migrate to another solution for purposes.


Multiple EMM instances supported by Knox E-FOTA

To address this growing need, Knox E-FOTA now supports multiple EMM instances in a single console to manage multiple EMM solutions after a feature update this month.

Previously, IT managers would have to handle the same number of Knox E-FOTA accounts to deliver device firmware update to their devices with multiple EMMs, which required lots of inefficient tasks, with risks to device operation.

However after the update, IT managers can not only add EMM instances on a single Knox E-FOTA console, but also prioritize all groups from multiple EMMs in the same place, so IT managers can operate firmware updates to devices efficiently.

For more details, please visit the Knox E-FOTA console via SamsungKnox.com, and read the Knox E-FOTA admin guide which describes how to connect your EMM with simple steps.


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