Avril 23, 2021

How Knox Configure is enabling newspaper publishers to reinvent the subscription model

Samsung Knox Team

With the increase of free content being made available by news aggregators, newspaper publishers have experienced a decrease in paid subscriptions and advertising revenue in recent years. Organizations everywhere face the task of migrating their remaining paid subscribers to digital platforms without losing that regular subscription revenue. At the same time, the rise and popularity of personalized digital content means readers are now demanding the same kind of customization from their news sources.

As the shift to digital shows no signs of stopping, newspaper publishers are looking for value-added ways to retain—and gain—paid subscribers.


The need to adapt the subscription model, and quick

With this need in mind, there comes a unique opportunity to reinvent the paid subscription model — creating a bridge between the physical and digital world that contains increased value for both the consumer and the publisher; all while moving revenue dependency away from advertisements.

And someone’s already doing it. We’ve partnered with one of Asia’s largest publishers to change the way they deliver news to their readers. This strategy involves the publisher providing a specific subscription model, formulated to include a pristine tablet device at minimal additional expense for themselves or the consumer. These tablets are perfectly customized to carry the publisher’s branding, up-to-date news apps and content. The device becomes a vehicle for a specialized news experience and creates a funnel for long-term subscribers.

But there is an inherent challenge. How can IT administrators efficiently customize and manage so many devices, while maintaining their value, but avoid creating additional stress for their team? And how can publishers obtain enhanced return while essentially giving away these tablets?


Creating a tablet newspaper with Knox Configure

Utilizing Knox Configure, Samsung’s cloud-based, over-the-air bulk configuration tool, publishers can create a new, digital-based newspaper experience by organizing content within the device, including applications and pre-loaded files. Publishers can also manage overall look-and-feel by applying their custom designs, from the boot-up logo to background image — all housed in a completely functional, pre-configured tablet device ready to read as soon as consumers open the box.

Here’s how it works:

  1. IT admins can log-in to samsungknox.com and access the Knox Configure web console to remotely configure fleets of devices at any time, seamlessly saving valuable time and resources.
  2. Admins then create profiles containing the specific device settings, apps or content, they wish to deploy in bulk. To create a more tailored feeling, admins can also customize the boot-up logo or background image here as well.
  3. Once a device is brought out of the box, the profiles will automatically populate the device via Wi-Fi or carrier network, making the setup process seamless for the consumer as well.


Increased value and assessing the long-term

Newspaper publishers have partnered with their local Samsung team to make this new, disruptive business model possible. As leaders in digital technology and news delivery, these partnerships yield volume discounts and joint marketing possibilities - a true win-win strategy. By leveraging the partnership and Samsung’s ability to provide both the cutting-edge tablets and configuration tools, publishers can successfully offer tablets with their new subscription model and experience longer lock-in. Additionally, as the tablet newspaper streamlines readers’ transitions to a digital platform, publishers will inherently have increased access to user-consented reader data. The time and resources saved by utilizing Knox Configure can be funneled into accumulating data insights and performance analytics, which in turn can be used to serve up more relevant content to the reader.

The new digital newspaper experience also serves to provide additional value and satisfaction for end customers. Readers can access seamless, personalized content from anywhere, at any time without lag — ideal in the era of on-the-go consumption. Better access to the richer, more interactive content now being developed by ambitious publishers is creating an enhanced reading experience.  All while benefiting from a new Samsung tablet. Longer term, more profitable subscriptions bundled with a sophisticated tablet – plus happier customers – are the driving force behind the publisher’s successful transition to digital.


Taking the tablet newspaper public

50,000 new online subscribers. That’s the return seen by one of Asia’s largest news providers after implementing this model. As they progress through their digital transformation journey, they’ve acknowledged the critical role the tablet newspaper has played in increasing their paid subscription numbers since its inception. With the satisfying progress they’ve experienced to date, the publisher plans to expand this subscription model to other magazines and print media under its brand — further utilizing the Samsung tablet strategy as a bridge between print and digital.

Every print publisher is different, with unique business needs and challenges during their digitization process. By working together with Samsung, you can identify a solution that not only fits your content and readership, but also streamlines efforts for IT admins whilst securing ongoing subscription revenue.


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