Knox Mobile Enrollment

Enroll all devices at once

Enrolling new devices takes up time for both IT admins and device users. And these devices aren’t under corporate control till the user takes action, putting corporate data at risk. Samsung designed Knox Mobile Enrollment to address these security risks and make enrollment easier for both admins and device users.

Add thousands of devices to your enterprise at once, without having to manually enroll each one. With Knox Mobile Enrollment, your users just power on their devices and connect to the network to enroll to EMM.

Fast and free

Knox Mobile Enrollment is the quickest and most automated way to enroll a large number of devices to your EMM for corporate use. Once an IT admin registers a device with the service, the device user simply has to turn it on and connect to Wi-Fi or 3G/4G during the initial device setup process.
There’s no need for IMEI management and verification, and participating Knox Deployment Program resellers register your purchased devices on your behalf.
Oh, and it’s free.


Enrolled devices can't be tampered with

Rest assured that your corporate devices stay that way. Even if a KME-enrolled device is factory reset, the EMM software will be automatically reinstalled and the user will be re-enrolled.


Out-of-the-box EMM enrollment

Automated EMM enrollment

Streamlined device setup process

Skip unwanted setup steps, such as Google/Samsung/carrier account registration

Flexible options

Multiple EMM configurations

Manage multiple EMM profiles for different EMMs and different enrollment settings

Automated EMM sign-in

Automatically sign in to EMM agents with user credentials provided by IT admin

High compatibility

Wide range of device models supported

Knox Mobile Enrollment is available on any Samsung Galaxy devices with Android Lollipop or greater

Almost all EMM solutions supported

Knox Mobile Enrollment works with almost all EMM services available in the market


Server Options

Server Options

Supported devices

Supported devices

Devices running Knox 2.4+
Supported Countries

Supported Countries

View all countries
Supported EMMs

Supported EMMs

View all EMMs

EMM partners

Use your existing EMM solution to easily install EMM clients on your employee devices to enroll users.

Get started

Follow these steps to apply for a free Knox Mobile Enrollment commercial license.

Knox Mobile Enrollment

Free commercial license

To get started with Knox Mobile Enrollment, we will need to verify your company's identity.

Have any more questions?
View Knox Mobile Enrollment FAQs
Have any more questions?
View Knox Mobile Enrollment FAQs

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