Janvier 22, 2024

Maximizing business efficiency: The role of reliable B2B technical support

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Mobile devices are essential to the inner workings of modern enterprises, and their importance continues to grow as digitalization becomes the fabric of business. It’s no wonder, then, that the importance of support services like B2B technical support continues to increase in tandem. 

New methods by which businesses can leverage mobility to improve productivity and efficiency continue to emerge, bringing more and more devices into the picture in a greater number of configurations than ever before. 

This increased complexity invites a bevy of additional issues to trouble technical support staff. Businesses need to be ready to limit disruption from these issues: until addressed, the smooth running of business operations is at risk. 


Enterprise technical support has unique challenges and requirements

The aim of technical support is simple and universal: fix the customer’s issue. That requires expertise with the technology involved, as well as effective communication to triage the issue and decide on the solution.

B2B technical support challenges are unique in two ways, and they’re intensified for larger businesses. 

  • Enterprise technical issues are uniquely complex. With applications running on an array of devices across thousands of employees, the number of issues that could emerge in enterprise mobility management is staggering. 
  • Speed is crucial. Just a small amount of time could be worth a lot of money, depending on the size of your business. ITIC reports that 44% of mid-sized businesses and enterprises in North America stand to lose more than $1 million from just a single hour of downtime. B2B technical support that can resolve an issue faster than a competitor is potentially priceless. 


Services must be tailor-made for the problems they solve

As we’ve established, business software is often an industry-specific, tangled, iterative web of commercial and customized solutions. 

Fixing a tear in one of these webs requires deep technical expertise and industry knowledge, and with the stakes being so high, there’s no time to waste. As such, investing in premium enterprise technical support pays for itself. Hundreds of hours of productivity can be saved from disaster in just one engagement, if your support service is effective enough.

It will come as no surprise that B2B technical support agents must excel at their duties:

  1. Support agents need deep expertise
    In a B2C technical support scenario, the apps and devices being supported have their own documentation for common issues, and agents can relay those quite easily to their customers.

    Meanwhile, in a B2B technical support scenario, without a manual or a list of frequently asked questions, problems can only be solved through a certain amount of discovery. Understanding the technology involved, the interoperability of every program and device, and the various possible points of failure in enterprise mobility management is no small feat: customer experience agents need in-depth expertise in their field. 

  2. B2B customers expect bespoke service
    Enterprise customers in particular have software that may be completely unique to their vertical and needs, so while B2C tech support is often anonymous and indirect, B2B tech support must be intimately familiar with the specific needs of their customers, and able to communicate with the multiple vendors that may be involved in finding a solution.

  3. Good communication is essential
    Small technical disruptions can lead to significant and detrimental effects on business operations. To resolve complex issues with haste, communication has to be perfect. And when disaster does strike, organizations don’t have time to explain the intricacies of which devices they deploy, the firmware versions they run, or the customizations they’ve made.

    Instead, a technical support partner can remain in constant contact with a customer, maintaining documentation and risk awareness so they're ready to resolve errors in urgent conditions. Regular and direct communication beyond emails and help tickets means that enterprise technical support can troubleshoot, resolve, and detect problems faster and more successfully.

    To simplify the complex troubleshooting process for the many enterprises that rely on Samsung’s devices and software, consider Samsung Enterprise Technical Support; an end-to-end service capable of covering all of the mobile aspects of your business.


Samsung's Enterprise Technical Support raises the bar

Samsung Enterprise Technical Support was tailor-made for enterprise customers to meet their specific needs. Since it comes straight from the minds that created Samsung’s range of mobile devices and solutions, everything from troubleshooting issues and rolling out updates to training can be acquired from one all-in-one global expert assigned to your account. 

One of the largest banks in Indonesia, Bank Mandiri, gains immensely huge value from the expert oversight that Enterprise Technical Support provides, saving the Mandiri team "time and effort to solve enterprise mobility problems, particularly in replicating and fixing issues, while confidently building connection with other vendors."


Three benefits of Samsung Enterprise Technical Support

  1. Integrated technical support provided by mobile technology experts
    When interoperability issues strike and a Samsung device or solution is part of the equation, the STAR team consisting of Samsung’s mobile technology professionals is at hand to help. 

    STAR—or Samsung Technical Advanced Response—can slot into calls with Enterprise Mobility Management vendors to provide the smooth communication and collaboration enterprises need to resolve issues with unparalleled speed.

    France’s Thales Group is one European customer that has sung the STAR team’s praises: “I’m used to work with support in big companies and… [Enterprise Technical Support] is the one that provides me the best experience.” 

  2. Direct & swift support
    Enterprise Technical Support customers benefit from faster resolution to their disruptions without the typical lengthy process of identifying the right personnel for the task. As a global team of experts with hubs in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, STAR is agile enough to provide prompt, bespoke responses to issues for customers around the world. Businesses with Enterprise Technical Support enjoy a guaranteed one-hour first response around the clock for the most critical issues that would otherwise send their profits into a tumble. 

  3. Ongoing customer issue management
    We’ve outlined the importance of dedicated and integrated contacts for B2B technical support. With Samsung’s Enterprise Technical Support, that contact is SAM: your Support Account Manager. Armed with a deep understanding of your IT environment, your SAM is an extension of your team and a watchful eye that alerts you to threats, supervises the resolution process, and keeps you informed.

That’s not all. Samsung makes product roadmaps and security vulnerability information, as well as OS beta programs, available for Enterprise Technical Support customers as an exclusive benefit. 

Perhaps most excitingly, Samsung’s team of experts will even provide training for Samsung Knox solutions. As the Harvard Business review reports, learning how to fix a problem is often preferable instead it being solved for you: 61% of their B2B customer respondents thought so.

But with Enterprise Technical Support, you get a team that solves the problem and teaches you about it, all at once. 

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