Mai 10, 2024

Knox Capture is winner of the iF Design Award 2024

Sylvia Leung, UX Designer - Samsung Research America
 Oberes Bild

Samsung Knox Capture is winner of this year’s iF Design Award in the category of product user experience for their impactful designs to enable frontline workers to easily utilize their smartphones as powerful scanners. Knox Capture is thoughtfully designed for workers to provide quick and convenient scanning access in their work environment the way they see fit.

Each year, the world’s oldest independent design organization, Hannover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH, organizes the iF DESIGN AWARD. Knox Capture won over the 132-member jury, made up of independent experts from all over the world. The competition was intense: almost 11,000 entries were submitted from 72 countries in hopes of receiving the seal of quality.



A smartphone and scanner in one

Knox Capture simplifies the process for frontline users by enabling them to easily utilize their smartphones as powerful scanners. The admin can provide a straightforward, zero-code barcode scanning solution out of the box by testing and deploying in bulk to their frontline workers. The entire end-to-end use case for scanning, showcasing scanned data, and updating the data by the end user can happen within Knox Capture without needing any development or 3rd-party mobile app. The design aims for simplicity and clarity--No additional setup is required, making it easy to use Knox Capture for basic scanning purposes.



Enhancing worker productivity

We designed two distinct user experiences for both groups. For IT admins, we streamlined the design to be straightforward recognizing their need to configure settings, test and deploy. In contrast, for workers who prefer to initiate scanning immediately and efficiently, we have minimized the level of details, enabling them to start the scan and perform scan in a variety of ways under different work environments. This included analyzing workers in their work environment, considering factors like scan rate, scan range, lighting conditions and multitasking need to make design decisions aimed to facilitate their work non-intrusively.

The IT admins found it easy to set up worker configurations due to the default profile out of the box and user-friendly scan engine settings interaction. Additionally, it offers a testing mode that allows admins to preview and evaluate results, ensuring the optimal setup for workers. One significant challenge for workers was switching between the camera scanner and the business app. The scanner overlay feature enables workers to simultaneously view the camera preview window while running the business app screen. To enhance the productivity we have multi scan modes and for quality of camera scans, we have incorporated barcode color overlays.



Impactful scanning experience

Admins can configure scan profiles, test and deploy in multiple ways for diverse worker needs. For workers, we looked at the ways they need to use the device camera to perform scans. Users can trigger camera scan via keyboard, hardware key, or a floating action button. On camera preview, overlays and colors used are accessible to perform quick and easy scans. Our seamless experience to let user perform scan from camera, hardware or in AR modes is also unique. The camera preview window gets augmented with a customizable overlay that allows the user to view business-critical information, analyze, and interact with the barcode data in real-time.

Designed with the diligent and high turnover frontline workforce in mind, Knox Capture streamlines task management for those compensated on a per-task basis, ensuring all task is effective, quick to learn, accurately accounted for and rewarded. It helps bring the workforce up to speed on ways of working faster, increase productivity and efficiency, leading to optimized monetary results for the organization with enhanced workforce satisfaction. Knox Capture is helping customers around the world and we have seen exponential growth.

The winning entry of Knox Capture is featured in the iF Design Award website.