Samsung Knox receives the most "Strong" ratings of any platform in Gartner Mobile Security Report

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Abril 13, 2016

In the business of enterprise mobility, platform security is a must. Each day enterprise users carry mobile devices that contain or have access to confidential, sensitive information. Security professionals are committed to staying one step ahead of the rise of global data breaches and require the most secure operating system platforms for their businesses.  

So which mobile platform offers the most security for enterprises today?  In a new Gartner mobile security report, “Mobile Device Security: A Comparison of Platforms,” published April 6, 2016, Samsung Knox received the most “Strong” ratings of any mobile platform. Samsung Knox was also the only platform in the report to receive “Strong” ratings in all security controls listed in the Corporate-Managed Security category. Gartner rated Samsung Knox as “Strong” in what we believe are critical categories, such as Authentication Methods, Encryption Management and Application Vetting.

Gartner notes, “Security professionals must make informed decisions about deploying management software or mobile security apps, or whether they can rely on the various devices’ security controls.  This assessment focuses on the security requirements that apply to mobile devices and compares the most popular mobile device platforms with respect to these requirements.”

“Gartner gave Samsung Knox the most “strong” ratings of any platform for the second year in a row,” said Kevin Gilroy, executive vice president of Samsung. “Gartner also gave Samsung Knox the most ‘Strong’ ratings in every category under Corporate Managed Security, which we believe is a validation of the work we’ve done to offer the most secure system for our enterprise customers.” 

Samsung Knox-enabled, enterprise-ready devices have built in defense grade security—right out of the box. Knox is anchored in the device’s hardware, and protects the device from the moment it boots up all the way through launching an app.

Gartner notes, "Employees who wish to purchase the latest and greatest devices may find enterprises unable to support them due to the lack of security controls." With so many devices on the market, ensuring overall mobile security protection will continue to be a challenge. Due to its stringent security capabilities, we feel IT departments may recommend employees select Knox-based devices.

Learn more about how Samsung Knox delivers defense-grade security for your enterprise mobile device deployments on our solutions page.

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