Junho 29, 2022

Knox Asset Intelligence receives the 2022 San Francisco Design Week Award

Sylvia Leung, UX Designer - Samsung Research America

badge sanfrancisco design award

Samsung received the San Francisco Design Week Award, which recognized Knox Asset Intelligence and the whole project team for its ground-breaking design and commitment to thought leadership in meeting the needs of a positive future for society.

San Francisco Design Week (SFDW) is the premier gathering of the world’s most active design community and is an international design competition seeking to encourage thought leadership by supporting designers whose works can contribute towards a positive future for society. The Design Awards celebrates and recognizes exemplary work in all fields of design, including architecture, interior design, industrial design, communication design, and user experience design.

Eighteen winning projects and thirteen honorable mentions were selected by a jury comprised of distinguished professionals, who reviewed submissions from an exceptionally competitive pool of applicants from the USA and Europe.

The winning product, Knox Asset Intelligence, displayed winning design characteristics which included impact, ease of use, visual appeal, and feasibility.

User-centric design is the basis of our design process. Our research involved IT admins of businesses and enterprises to ensure that our designs capture what’s important to them in their day-to-day work.


Listening to user needs

Our users’ needs are important for a successful solution that works to solve their problems. We identified what is missing in the market today and what pain points they have with other competitors so that we can provide a better solution for them.


Expert guidance

During development, we consulted our data analytics team to ensure that we are displaying data in a meaningful way and to validate that our analytics design system is working for all our stakeholders, including our account managers who are deeply connected with our users.


Research & testing

Using wireframes, we tested our designs with IT admins who are familiar with this type of service so that we can better understand what data points are important to them as well as how to organize information and optimize our layout to fit their needs.


More detailed data & analytics to pinpoint problem areas

Knox Asset Intelligence offers a dashboard and different category pages that provide clearly organized data, helping IT admins monitor and identify the critical points first.

The Dashboard provides a high-level overview of data, but the further the IT admin goes, the more specific the data and analytics get. Drilling down on the data is an important aspect of Knox Asset Intelligence that helps users identify what needs to be fixed. We collect so much data from their business devices that it’s easy to get lost if it’s not organized and displayed properly—but with our linear workflows, IT admins can get to what they want to see faster.


Customizable dashboard for a tailored experience with automated alerts & insights

The Dashboard is where the user lands to get an overall snapshot of how their devices are doing. It helps IT admins easily monitor and quickly identify any problems that the data is presenting without having to dig into the details.

There are over twenty different modules that can be shown, hidden, and reordered to the users’ liking to fit their own use cases. With easy-to-use drag and drop mechanisms and a variety of analytics, IT admins are able to streamline their workflows and prioritize important decisions.

Additionally, users can easily set the parameters and thresholds of what data points actually qualify as an urgent issue because it is not the same for all businesses. Using alert and insight messaging in the modules, we can immediately let the user know when something goes amiss.


Optimizing workflows with a meaningful design system

Our design patterns, colors, typography, and iconography were created on the design principles of being clear, consistent, and cohesive to increase usability and to ensure clarity. By surfacing problematic events through the use of our design system, IT admins are able to focus on data and analytics that are meaningful to their business goals.

The winning entry of Knox Asset Intelligence is featured permanently at SFDW online.

Learn more about the user-centric design behind Knox Asset Intelligence in this guide.