Can you stop your mobile getting hacked?

Samsung Knox News
Julho 29, 2017

The most dangerous type of employee is the one who is unaware they are doing something dangerous, Samsung Knox’s director of strategy, Nick Dawson, tells the Telegraph in a new interview. 

There are a number of ways to attack a business’ mobile infrastructure, Dawson says, but one of the simplest and most common is to trick somebody into clicking a malicious link.

“Education is important, and increasingly so,” Dawson says.  Typically, he says, the people in the executive office are given the most leeway when it comes to unsafe behaviour and restrictions on what they can access on a work phone. In reality, though, they are also often the ones who can put a company’s most sensitive information at risk.

It is essential to drill in proper precautions about data security, for instance spotting dubious links and sites, and how to combat phishing attacks.

Read more of this interview at The Telegraph


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