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Une solution MDM Android simple et abordable. TinyMDM offre un grand nombre de fonctionnalités dans une interface intuitive et facile à utiliser : une solution parfaite autant pour les professionnels de l'informatique que pour les personnes sans connaissances techniques avancées.

Informations sur les solutions
Catégorie de la solution : Gestion de la mobilité d'entreprise
Types d'appareil pris en charge : Smartphone, Tablet
Région de vente : Monde
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TinyMDM is an MDM/EMM solution that makes it easy for companies and IT admins to manage enterprise mobility. With TinyMDM you can quickly and efficiently deploy and remotely administer Samsung mobiles and tablets. As Samsung & Android partner, TinyMDM supports all management sets: dedicated device (kiosk mode in single or multiple apps setup), company-owned device, and personal devices (in BYOD setup).

The Mobile Device Management tool TinyMDM offers the essential features of MDM in a simple and intuitive way. We work on putting all the complexity behind the scenes so you can focus on what matters and manage your fleet of terminals in minutes: apps management, passcodes implementation, internet filtering and geolocation.

Principales fonctionnalités

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APP MANAGEMENT: remote app management (public, private, and web apps), update management, permissions management, app configurations

KIOSK MODE: lock down the device to a small set of apps or turn it into a single app kiosk. Custom branding, password management per app, organize apps per folder

SECURITY COMPLIANCE: strong password reinforcement, instant lock / unlock features, remote wipe-out, OS update management, FRP deactivation, factory reset block

REMOTE CONTROL: take remote control of enrolled Android devices to quickly assist your teams and achieve maximum operational efficiency

CONTENT MANAGEMENT: import and share professional files to your staff’s devices: contacts, documents, photos, videos, audio files

Différenciateurs Samsung

Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) support for fully-managed roll-outs

Remote Cast and Control

Disable Hardware keys

Block Factory Reset (Hard Reset)

Language management

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