Febbraio 9, 2022

Galaxy Tab S8 series boosts productivity for work-from-home and remote workers

Yongsub Eric Shin

As we go through the unprecedented COVID-19 era, many businesses face unusual challenges and difficult changes: According to a research report, the number of employees who are remotely working from home or outside of the traditional office space increased from 14% pre-pandemic to 45% post-pandemic.

Consequently, businesses have had to make additional investments to equip these remote and work-from-home (WFH) employees with the right tools in order to stay connected and productive. With businesses fast-transforming their IT infrastructure to keep up with this new trend, the demand for new IT equipment, such as laptops and smartphones, has skyrocketed. And spending on tablet devices has also seen a steep increase by 52% over this time.

However, increasing budget for additional devices is not the only issue that business decision-makers worry about. They want to ensure they have a solid return on investment. Can WFH or remote employees stay as productive as they were in the office? When these smart devices are remotely deployed to employees for work, could they be vulnerable to cyber-attacks and privacy issues? There are all hidden costs associated with the new change, and we have listened to our business customers to address their concerns and needs with our latest Galaxy Tab S8 device series.


Keeping your business and work anywhere with a versatile tablet

The Galaxy Tab S8 series is the masterpiece of our flagship tablet lineups. We celebrate the advancement of the screen technology, as well as the software and services to provide a PC-like experience by providing different screen sizes. Businesses can evaluate their current needs, budgets, and internal applications to decide on the right Galaxy Tab S8 for them. We are especially excited to provide the Ultra edition with its 14.6-inch screen for the first time on a Galaxy tablet, and look forward to seeing what our customers can do with this large size. With 120Hz refresh rate on all screen sizes, users can also stay productive while reducing stress on their eyes.  


Samsung DeX brings user productivity to another level.

Samsung DeX is a service we introduced to our flagship devices a few years ago, and we have been evolving its features every year. Being able to turn the traditional Android environment to a PC-like DeX mode, users can communicate and collaborate with their coworkers in a more familiar environment. Samsung DeX brings a portrait mode with Galaxy Tab S8, so that apps that are more optimized on portrait tablets can run easily in the DeX environment. Multitasking is another key booster for productivity – on Samsung DeX, you can switch between apps just as you would on a desktop environment, whether you are browsing the corporate intranet, conducting a video chat with your co-workers, or drafting emails to your business customers.


A tablet that can help your business continue without disruption

With the largest battery sizes on Galaxy devices, Galaxy Tab S8 devices can run all day long so that you can worry about your business and work, not the device running out of battery. And when the battery is running low, super-fast charging is available for all Galaxy Tab S8 devices so that you can recharge the device quickly. If you work in sales, you can confidently showcase your offerings with a presentation running smoothly on the Galaxy Tab S8, without having to worry about downtime. All thanks to the innovative battery and charging technologies we have been researching for more than a decade. 


Secure, Deploy, and Manage

For businesses, it is important that corporate apps and information are securely available for their remote or WFH users’ devices. At the same time, the deployment and management of the devices should be as easy as possible, in order to provide peace-of-mind to IT admins while keeping the users undisrupted. Our awarding-winning Samsung Knox Suite, a comprehensive suite of Samsung Knox solutions for IT, is included as part of our Galaxy Enterprise Edition offering.

The Galaxy Tab S8+ Enterprise Edition will be available in select countries to provide extended Samsung Android security patch support, 1-year of Samsung Knox licenses, and ensured market availability for businesses to plan ahead with their procurement strategy.

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Comincia a utilizzare Samsung Knox

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Diventa un partner Knox e fai crescere la tua azienda oggi.

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Seleziona un prodotto Knox per iniziare:

Soluzione completa
Knox Suite
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Samsung Care+ for Business
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[Image] Knox Suite

Una soluzione completa in bundle, appositamente concepita per la mobilità aziendale.

  • Ottieni una prova gratuira di 90 giorni per un massimo di 30 dispositivi.
  • Un set di strumenti completo per proteggere, distribuire, gestire e analizzare i dispositivi della tua azienda.
  • Prova le straordinarie funzionalità di Knox Suite

Knox Suite comprende:

Knox Mobile Enrollment Gratuito
Knox Manage
Knox Asset Intelligence
Knox Platform for Enterprise Gratuito
Supporto remoto Knox
Knox Capture
Knox Authentication Manager

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[Image] Logo Knox Configure

Consenti il rebranding e la personalizzazione dei tuoi dispositivi Samsung.

  • Ottieni una prova gratuira di 90 giorni per un massimo di 30 dispositivi.
  • Configura da remoto i dispositivi Samsung in blocco e personalizzali in base alle tue esigenze specifiche per un uso immediato.
  • Configura i tuoi dispositivi per la singola distribuzione o aggiornali tutte le volte che vuoi.

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[Icon] Logo Knox Guard

Protezione da frodi e furti per i dispositivi Samsung.

  • Ottieni una prova gratuira di 90 giorni per un massimo di 30 dispositivi.
  • Riduci i rischi finanziari e proteggi gli asset controllando in remoto i dispositivi Samsung.
  • Prova tutte le funzionalità di Knox Guard, inclusi controllo della SIM e blocco del dispositivo.

Inizia a utilizzare

[Image] Logo Samsung Care Plus For Business

Piano di protezione per i dispositivi Samsung.

  • Limita le interruzioni delle attività con riparazioni e sostituzioni rapide dei dispositivi. Contatta l'ufficio vendite Samsung per iniziare.
  • Visualizza tutte le informazioni sulla copertura del tuo dispositivo e sul reclamo in un unico luogo.
  • Hai già acquistato Samsung Care+ for Business? Crea un account e attiva il piano nella console Samsung Care+ for Business.

Altri prodotti e servizi

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Soluzioni moderne per soddisfare le tue esigenze specifiche.

  • Ricevi supporto tecnico efficiente da parte di un account manager dedicato con Enterprise Tech Support.
  • Crea dispositivi su misura per la tua azienda utilizzando Samsung Software Customization Service.