Better protects customers

  • Knox Enabled App better safeguards sensitive customer information, such as credit card and social security numbers, by isolating it from other data on a device.

All technical underpinnings are hidden from the end user

  • Knox Enabled App secures customer-facing Android apps with Knox security, without altering the user experience.
  • Hides all technical underpinnings from the user environment.

Encrypts app data

  • By creating a more secure, encrypted and invisible container in which an app can reside, businesses are able to bring higher security services to Samsung device owners.
  • When the device is tampered with, the information in the container becomes inaccessible.

Seamlessly leverages Knox platform level security

  • Build Knox security into your solution without maintaining multiple versions of the same app.
  • Enterprises can get framework-level security and isolation without having to alter their user experience.

No MDM client required

  • Service providers are able to deploy their apps securely without the need for an additional mobile device management solution.
  • This makes it a simple, cost-effective security solution.

Ideal for risk-sensitive industries

  • Knox Enabled App helps regulated industries such as finance, health care, and mobile commerce meet their security requirements.


Device Requirements

Knox 2.4+ devices running official authorized firmware (i.e. have never been rooted or flashed with unofficial firmware/build).

NOTE - There are minor differences between KEA behavior in Knox 2.4/2.4.1 and Knox 2.5.

Get Started

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