Controlled user experience

  • Knox Customization enables extended control of user experience, and what can be seen on a device.
  • The highly configurable Kiosk mode allows you to create a seamless experience for specific business functions.
  • Out-of-the-box configurations can extend to power management or connectivity behavior.

Extend the capabilities of your devices

  • Create a secure environment on your Samsung devices where customers and clients have controlled access.
  • Customize a tablet to provide information at a public kiosk, or tailor a point-of-sales terminal to take customer orders.
  • Offer over-the-air bulk device configuration and content deployment to your customers.

Easy and cost-effective

  • Knox Customization helps businesses save capital and operating costs by reconfiguring off-the-shelf tablets.
  • Invest in scalable Samsung devices, rather than buying custom-built hardware.
  • Build solutions that can easily grow and expand as your business evolves.

Custom services

  • Samsung helps you analyze your business needs and offers you a choice of optimized development solutions.
  • Includes Custom Toolkit: an SDK and Configurator for advanced device configuration.


Supported devices and models

Knox Customization is available for most Samsung mobile devices, but there may be limitations. Ensure the service is compatible with your target device before entering into commercial purchase and deployment agreements. Contact sales to check compatibility.



We'll help you design and implement your custom solution

View the Knox Customization developer guides for mobile devices and wearables.