Knox Platform for Enterprise

Government-grade security management features built for business

Protect work devices and data from every angle with government-grade security. Access in-depth Knox platform features that extend beyond Android Enterprise, right from your EMM console.

[Image] Government-grade security

Government-grade security

Powerful security options built for highest standards, ready at your fingertips

  • Common Criteria Mode instantly turns devices into CC-compliant devices. See the full list of Knox certifications and guidance
  • DualDAR* provides additional encryption by securing device data with private crypto
  • Universal Credential Management* allows for unified credential management across different storage types
  • Network Platform Analytics allows IT admins to extensively analyze device usage
  • Audit Log offers in-depth device usage monitoring

*Requires additional license purchase

[Image] Advanced and granular

Advanced and granular

Get down to fine details that extend beyond standard Android enterprise capabilities

  • Access granular controls that are native to Samsung device
  • Separate personal apps from business, even on company-owned devices
  • Run remote health checks to see if any work device has been compromised
  • Advanced VPN settings beyond market standard:
    • Non-bypassable VPN
    • VPN chaining
    • VPN over tethering
    • HTTP Proxy over VPN
[Image] Hardware-level control

Hardware-level control

Control devices flexibly with in-depth hardware features only accessible with Knox

  • Remap hardware keys to launch specific applications and tasks instantly
  • Control the ‘Device Setting’ features for your devices
    • Set them automatically to ‘turned on/off’
    • Disable changing a setting
    • Hide 'Device Setting' entirely
  • Apply settings and policies to DeX mode for a more optimized mobile desktop experience
  • Block unapproved device wipe and/or custom ROM flashing securely at the system level
[Image] Easy access from your EMM

Easy access from your EMM

Integrated with major EMM solutions for easy access

  • Zero-day support for the latest Knox features on your EMM
  • Consistent feature availability across EMMs
  • Support for fully managed devices/work profile on personally-enabled devices, and work profile on company-owned devices

*Enabled through Knox Service Plugin, a tool for easy KPE-EMM integration


Police services leverage Knox devices and solutions for classified data


Healthcare provider depends on Knox for patient confidentiality

Frequently Asked Questions

Knox Platform for Enterprise license key can be generated after signing up for and logging on to the Knox Admin Portal.

This free license key can be used in your EMM console and is valid for 2 years (renewable for another 2 years within 3 months of expiry).

Samsung has partnered with leading EMM/UEM providers for business users to easily utilize Knox Platform for Enterprise features, using Knox Service Plugin.

Learn more about specific EMM/UEM console setup here for major partners.

To use Knox Platform for Enterprise, you need supported Samsung devices running Knox version 2.4 or higher / Tizen version 2.3 or higher.

Knox Suite

Knox Platform for Enterprise is part of Knox Suite.


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